Monday, 23 May 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Recently I have been trying out new drugstore foundations as appose to going and buying a high end one. I probobaly could have bought just one high end product with all the money i've spent on lower end one's but hey, maybe next time!!
I've been loving my newest addition, Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation.

I normally use Revlon's Colourstay Foundation in Buff for combination/oily skin as my skin can be quite oily. For this reason I like a matte finish and always use a powder too.
I love my Revlon one and have got through bottles of it so just thought it was time to try a new one. I was drawn to this one, obviously as it claims to last 25 hours.
Now I haven't tried it for quite that long but, I was naughty the other night and slept in my make up and the next morning, it still looked amazing!!

I also love the packaging of this product and for one main reason.

It has a pump!! I absolutely love it for having a pump as my Revlon pours out really fast and goes everywhere and so does my Estee Lauder Double Wear. This of course also means, hopefully i'll be able to get it all out of the bottle!!
(Sorry for my grubby looking pump!!)

This foundation doesn't have an SPF either, which I personally love. I know its not very practical for the summer but it looks much better in photo's when im out for the night.

The only let down with this product is the colour. Im very pale and I bought the lightest one they do, 100 Ivory. Its not too dark for me but when applied, you can definately see a difference in my face and neck. I've found applying it with my Elf Stipple Brush helps to blend it better than my usual Mac 190.

I just apply some bronzer on my neck so it blends in, I just wish it was a bit lighter. I might try mixing it with my Double Wear.

The bottle states:

"Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours. Enriched with a revitalizing Mineral Complex and moisturizing Aqua Primer. Skin feels energized and hydrated all day."

This is a gorgeous foundation that doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin and it easily lasts a full day, out and about in all conditions with hardly any touch ups from my powder.

I would definately recommend giving this a go if you want something to last all day and not clog your skin up.

Its currently £6.99 in Boots so it won't break the bank!!

(I've also been practicing with my Conical Wand as you can tell!! Im slowly getting there!!)

Have you tried this yet?! What foundation do you recommend?!

x x


Hannah. said...

How much is it? :) xxx

Jen said...

Ooops sorry, i'll have to mention that now, its £6.99 in Boots :-) x x

Get Gawjus! said...

Looks gorgeous on you! I wanted to try this out but could not match myself to any shade :(


Mademoiselle Lala said...

I've been using for years Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup SPF 15 and I love it! It's the one which has pigment drops in it which you blend when applying. It's great because I can use it when I'm really pale (aka break in going to the sunbeds) and tanned. It really matches your skin! :) Weird but true! X

mixnmatch1 said...

i am on my last drops of estee lauder double wear so i am going to give this a whirl :)

aimeee said...

i have really pale skin too and i find it so hard to find a good foundation! i wish they would do the good ones in a paler colour :/
good review though :)


Carlito86 said...

I love this too, but it's taken a back seat lately as I've picked up Mac Studio Fix Fluid again xx

Jen said...

@ Shifa - The shades are pretty poor, hopefully they'll bring out more x x

@ Mademoiselle Lala - I'll maybe have to try that one next, thanks!!

@ mixnmatch1 - definately give it a go!!

@ aimeee - I know how hard it is to get a good foundation in a pale colour, why don't they learn x x

@ Carla - I haven't tried studio fix fluid yet, i really want to tho!! x x