Sunday, 22 May 2011

OPI and Barry M Dupe, Exact Match!!

For the last couple of days, i've been wearing OPI's Elephantastic Pink on my nails. I love it and think its such a nice, bright colour for summer.

However when I was looking through my colletion of nail polishes, I found one to be very, very similar so thought I would share it with you all!! It is Barry M's Pink Flamingo.

They are so similar, its almost impossible to tell the difference when they are on!! I took all of these photo's without flash so you can see just how alike they are!!

My index finger is Barry M Pink Flamingo and the rest are OPI Elephantastic Pink.

Can you spot the difference?!

I think if your finding it hard to get hold of the OPI version, or even just for the price difference, the Barry M version is an amazing dupe!!

Have you got any other dupe's that you would recommend?!

x x


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I thought that too, i can't spot any difference. I have the Barry M shade, love it.

Sadie xx

Roxanne said...

i know what colour im painting my nails today :) x

Mademoiselle Lala said...

It's not a mystery that I love Barry M nail polishes! :) This colour is perfect for summer, I wanted to buy it but then remembered that I have similar Revlon one. ;) But this OPI and Barry M in your post are impossible to tell apart! :) X

aimeee said...

theyre identical! they dont look it in the bottle though :/ very weird! but good post! x