Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tag - 11 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely Krystle to do the 11 things that make me happy post, so here they are:

1 - Going to bed in a clean, fresh, bed. There's nothing better than getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets after a long, hard day at work.

2 - New purchases. Anything from make-up to clothes. I love the minute that item is placed into the carrier bag and becomes mine.

3 - My dog, Max. He never fails to make me smile, even on a bad day.

4 - Going back home to see friends and family. As I mentioned before, my Brother is good at impersonations and always cracks me up!!

5 - When my boyfriend does something cute without being prompted or asked.

6 - A good hair day. Need I say more?!

7 - Finding THE perfect pair of Jeans. I find it very, very hard to find a good fitting pair of jeans. Its almost impossible to find the perfect length, waist, style and colour all in one, so when I do, im over the moon!! Im sure most of you will agree?!

8 - Getting to the till with new clothes and when they get scanned, they come in less than the tag says, love it!!

9 - Lying all warm and comfy in bed, under the quilt when its raining outside, knowing that you don't need to go out.

10 - Take That. (Mainly Mark) I love their conerts, I look forward to them for months and months and they always impress me, their music and just them in general!!

11 - PAYDAY!! :-)

I tag: Ella and Nicola

x x

Blog Award!!

The gorgeous Sadie at Butterfly Wings has given me a Blog Award!! Thank You so much!! :-)

The rules go as follows:

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Share the love!

I pass on the award to some of my favourite bloggers:

Victoria at: Lily Loves Lola

Lisa at: Live. Laugh. Love.

Carly at: Cheated Hearts

Girl With The Golden Touch

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do I go to France or not?!

I've got a dilema and so I thought i'd ask all my lovely blogger friends to help!! :-)

My brother Dave is going to France for a month halfway through September. My mum and dad are going to go over for about 10 days and have asked me if I want to go too.
This would be impossible to resist if it was a normal relaxing holiday. However, my brother is going to visit all the historic sights and World War monuments etc etc as thats what he did at college and hes really interested in it.

Sounds boring doesn't it?!

Its always good seeing my family though. Dave is a comedian in the making and always cheers me up and makes me laugh.
The following pics are of me and Dave in St Andrews last week. We were just trying to get one good photo but he kept making me laugh.

And finally, a good one:

So i've got a list of pro's and a list of con's.

  • Seeing my family
  • Visiting Paris
  • Going to Belgium and eating yummy Belgian Chocolate

  • A five hour drive down to Birmingham (my boyfriend will drive me)
  • A four hour drive down to Dover (my dad will drive)
  • A two hour ferry journey
  • A three hour drive to the destination (dad again)
  • The same all over again on the way back!!

And when I get there:
  • No tv or internet AT ALL!!
  • Visiting historic sights
  • No hotel, just a big house to stay in
I realise there are more con's than pro's right now, but it would be good to see my family and i've never been to France or Paris so would like to go there, but not sure if its all worth it.

I need to let my boss know on Thursday if im going or not so its over to you, what shall I do?!

x x

Monday, 24 August 2009

My Daily Skincare Routine

I love seeing what products other people use in their day to day skin care regime, so i thought i'd share mine with you all!!

Although my skin can be quite oily, I use The Body Shop Vitamin E range which is for all skin types. Its a great all-rounder range and its really, really light in texture. This is why I like it as the Seaweed range which is for combination/oily skin can be a bit drying on my skin.

L to R - The Body Shop Vitamin C Micro Refiner, TBS Vitamin E Cream Cleanser, TBS Vitamin E Hydrating Toner, Clean & Clear Shine Control daily facial moisturiser, Garnier Eye Roll-On and TBS Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream at the front.

The cleanser is extra gentle and leaves my skin super soft. Its got antioxidant protection and contains pure wheat germ oil.

The toner is alcohol free so doesn't dry out my skin and this again contains antioxidant protection. The whole range includes pure wheat germ oil which I LOVE!! I have a few acne scars and was told that wheat germ oil can help. Since i've been using this range, they have improved a LOT!!

The day cream is really, really light. There is a heavier one for dry skin, but this one suits me as its so light. I mainly use this one as a night cream instead of the acual night cream as that ones too heavy.

The Clean & Clear shine control moisturiser is one of my more recent finds. I use this in the morning as it makes a great primer for foundation. It sinks in instantly and controls shine all day. I must say that it is nothing like the rest of the Clean & Clear range which is very, very harsh. I can't use the other products but this is a lot more gentle.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Micro Refiner is amazing!! It is described as Microdermabrasion, for radiance-boosting intense exfoliation. It contains ultra-fine particles and instantly makes your skin feel soft, smooth and looking radiant. It also contains Shea butter which is a bonus.
I would say its not suitable for sensitive skin as it is quite a rough scrub and contains pure Vitamin C.

As you can see above, it looks like a cream and you can't really see the exfoliating grains but you can definately feel them!! It really does feel like microdermabrasion but this is good as I only need to use it once a week, if that, as it is rougher, the results last longer than a normal scrub.

My last everyday product is the Garnier Eye Roll-On. I've been using this twice a day for about 2 months now but I haven't noticed that much of a difference.

Has anyone had success with this?!

I love the instant cooling effect it gives, but i initially bought this to help with my dark circles. I haven't noticed a big difference with my dark circles and I always try get my 8 hours sleep a night.

Im always on the look out for a good eye product that can help with dark circles so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?!

x x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Recent Freebies

Im back in the world of blogging!!

I've been away for 5 days with my family and boyfriend. My mum, dad and brother thought that they'd come up to visit me for a few days so we just went over to the coast again to a little place near St Andrews.

We had a great time but the worst part was.... absolutely NO internet access!!

I managed to survive the 5 day's and prove to my mum that I could actually live without the internet AND my laptop but it was hard. I've got so many blogs to catch up on and right now, my blog is coming before the unpacking!!

This is my little collection of recent freebies!!

The minute I walked through the front door I noticed two little parcels!! And this is what was inside:

My £1 Nails Inc nail polishes!! As most of you probably know, there was an offer in The News Of The World's Fabulous Magazine a few weeks back. My mum let me know about the offer and I sent off for two. I put one in my boyfriends name so that I could get two!! You only had to pay £1 postage for them which was just a great offer.

I haven't tried them yet and i've never tried any by Nails Inc, but it would be good to know if any of you have tried them. I've heard they can be a bit streaky?!

Next was the top 2 eye liner pencils in the pic, which im sure all of you have got, free with In Style magazine. Now although I work at The Body Shop, this was a bargain I couldn't miss as they weren't even out in the shop yet. I got the Shimmering Steel colour as I thought I would wear this the most.
However, when I went back to work today, I was told I could pick one of the new eye pencils and one of the new lipsticks.... for free!!

I chose Glowing Amethyst pencil which is a gorgeous deep purple colour and No 55 Pure Blush lipstick. Below are the swatches for the lipstick and the eyeliner:

The eyepencil is a very, very dark purple that almost looks like a black.

The lipstick is GORGEOUS!! There was that many to choose from and I just picked it as i'd tried them all on and my lips were too sore to try any more. Im glad I did pick this one in the end as its my new favourite and is great for everyday or going out.
The lipsticks are new called Colourglide's and this one is a kind of matte, brightish pink, it feels lovely on the lips and stays on for hours!! They're normally £8 but are on an introductory offer at the mo for £6!!

I recommend that you try these as I really like the way they feel on your lips and they do actually "glide" over your lips too!!

Has anyone tried these lipsticks yet?!

x x

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Nail Polish Bargains!!

I was in Boots today on my lunch break, just picking up my shampoo and conditioner and I was already in the queue to pay when I noticed a sale section on the end of an ailse. I was immediately pushing my way back out of the queue to go have a look.
There was the usual stuff, hairsprays with no lids, damaged bottles of stuff and then.... Rimmel Nail Polishes!!
There were only a few left but I grabbed what i could before I even looked at the colours!!

Rimmel Wear Maxx in shade Chocolate Factory and Rimmel 60 Seconds in shade Frisky Clover.

As you can see I got them for 50p each!! What a bargain!!

In the end I got four bottles, two of each of the colours above. (Two for me and two for my mum, who is just as obsessed as me when it comes to nail polishes!!)

I then went to Superdrug (just to see if they had any different offers on than Boots). Right now at Superdrug, everything Rimmel is on 3 for 2!!

L to R: Portobello Pink, Beige Style, Coralicious

As I couldn't see anything else I fancied, I came away with 3 nail polishes!! I've heard great reviews about the two bright colours and I first came across Beige Style on Hele's blog. Its a gorgeous colour and think it will be one of my faves, especially for the autumn!!

While I was there, I spotted Frisky Clover at full price. As I got it for 50p from Boots, I presumed it was being discontinued or something but I think it may just have been a mistake so i recommend that you all get down to your local Boots to have a rumage!!

Happy Shopping!! x x

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Top 3 Nail Polishes

This is my last minute entry (which i've been meaning to do for a while now), for Hele and Holly's fab giveaway over at The Nail Buff.
It was a tough decision trying to narrow it down to just 3 fave's but I finally did it!!

1. Revlon - Cherries In The Snow - I love this colour!! At first glance I thought this would be a kind of red colour but its more a pinky red and its great for any occasion. It goes on really easy and streak free.

2. Rimmel - Rose Libertine - As most of you already know, this is the perfect colour for summer. Its a gorgeous pinky peachy colour thats not too pink and now too peach, just perfect!! Im really impressed with Rimmel polishes, especially the 60 seconds ones that do dry very quickly!!

3. OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark - This is my most favourite nail polish EVER!! I adore this colour and believe me, the picture does not do it justice!! Its a gorgeous dark, dark purple colour that almost looks black but its THE perfect colour for a night out!! I first came across it when my mum had it and I used it so much, she eventually bought me one of my own. I then wore it on a night out with the girls from work and every one of them went out and bought it!! I would really recommend you all try this one!!

x x

Monday, 10 August 2009

Max's Makeover

I've introduced Max to you all previously but for those of you that don't know, he's a poodle crossed with a sheltie, which means he's wool instead of hair and therefore needs regular haircuts!!
Well yesterday was the dreaded day when poor little Max had his haircut so I thought i'd share his new do with you all!!

This was Max yesterday morning:

And this was him yesterday afternoon. He wasn't very happy with being brushed and clipped for about 2 hours!!
I always tell the dog groomer that I DON'T want him clipped like a poodle so she doesn't shave him or put the pom pom on his head. She give's him the bichon cut but I suppose as he is a poodle, thats what he'll always look like!!

He's not amused in this picture!!

His fluff really doesn't take long to grow back so he'll be back to his usual scruffy self in no time. He's a typical boy dog thats always running through mud and looking all shaggy so seeing him like this is very funny!! The boyfriend is refusing to walk him until he looks more "manly"!! :-)

x x

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Perfect Perfumes

I've been lacking in posts this week as i've had quite a busy/stressful week. First of all my washing machine broke so its been a case of dragging all my laundry round to the boyfriends mums and back again. This has been taking up my evenings, however a new washing machine has been delivered this morning!! :-)
Then my car wouldn't start and had to be in the garage for a week. Although my boyfriends a mechanic, which is very handy, he had to fix it in his own time so I was back to getting the dreaded bus. This has been adding an extra hour on to my morning routine. Let me just say how much I appreciate my little car now!!

So hopefully now, i'll be back to normal!!

I've been wanting a certain new perfume for a while and not been able to get a hold of it anywhere. I've heard lots of good things about Estee lauder's Bronze Goddess but know its a limited edition that only comes out for the summer.

My mum recently managed to purchase the last bottle of it for me from her local Estee Lauder counter. I haven't yet even had a smell of it but think i'll love it as it has a kind of coconut smell which is my fave!! Im seeing my parents next weekend and can't wait to have a spritz!!
So I thought i'd share with you all my perfume collection. Next to make up and clothes, perfume is my weakness and I have far too much to possibly use!!

L to R we have: DKNY Be Delicious, Calvin Klein CK one Summer, Calvin Klein Eternity, Calvin Klein Euphoria and Lacoste Inspiration.

I like both subtle fresh fragrances and quite heavy one's. I first discovered the DKNY one when my friend bought it and I loved it!! Its a definately a fruity fragrance and the smell of apple and white amber leaves you intsantly refreshed.
Ck one Summer is gorgeous. I think this one was first bought out in 2004 and the annoying thing is that they change their summer fragrance and bottle every year. I only bought this last year off eBay after having a spritz of my mums and thats the only place I could buy it. I took this to Menorca with me so it always reminds me of that holiday.

I love how a smell can remind you of a place or a certain memory instantly!!

My other fave from those few is Calvin Klein Euphoria. Slightly more of a heavy scent, I got this in a gift set in the January sales and wore it every day for about a month, love it!!

L to R: Avon Bond Girl 007, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Michael by Michael Kors.

These are all my favourites!! SJP, Lovely is my most reached for everyday and I currently have 3 bottles of this on the go. Its perfect for everyday use.
I wouldn't normally look through the Avon book for a perfume but I got this when it was on special offer and I have to say, I really like it. Its got exotic orchid, orange blossom, cedarwood and cashmere woods and its the perfect cocktail of scents. (Excuse the joke, its my referal to James Bond!!)
My Chanel one is fairly new and was a gift last Christmas. I like to keep it for special occasions which is why its hardly been used!!

I got my Michael Kors one about five years ago now and at the time, I fell in love with it. It is a very strong perfume and now it kind of gives me a headache, my mum hates it!! Its one of those perfumes that when someone walks past you wearing it, you can instantly smell it.

I was only about 18 at the time and my friend at work was wearing it. I had never even heard of Michael Kors at the time and I eventually found it in Sephora. That shows how long ago it was, I don't think we have any Sephora's left in the UK?! Sooo jealous of all you bloggers in America that still have it as I loved that shop!! It was quite pricey but i had to have it!! It was the one that I was using when I first met my boyfriend and will always remind me of then. It was a clear liquid when I got it but has since changed colour, it still smells fine though!!

L to R: Avon Tahitian Holiday, The Body Shop Japenese Cherry Blossom, Agua de Menorca, (from Menorca) Ghost Cherish, Katie Price Besotted, Hugo Boss Pure Purple, The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin and at the front, Britney Spears Curious.

These are all my other random perfumes. Most of these one's were gifts and not many have been used, I really need to start using them!! My boyfriend bought me the Katie Price one and the Hugo Boss one as he told the woman in The Perfume Shop that I liked Michael Kors. I do like them but they are quite heavy, (hence, hardly used) but I suppose he tried his best!! :-)

I used Curious by Britney years ago and I still like it, however I hate the bottle and the spray. I've had 2 bottles of this and each time the sprayer thing has got clogged up and I can't get the perfume out.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?!

I think i've rambled on long enough now, but it would be good to know, what is your favourite perfume?!

x x

Monday, 3 August 2009

ghd Advice

I've had my current pair of ghd straighteners for almost 10 years now and touch wood, they're still going!!
However, I don't think they heat up as much anymore and it just seems to take a while to do my hair.

They have lasted well and have been everywhere with me including on my hols to Menorca and Ibiza. They have even survived my dad standing on them once when I left them on the stairs, they did crack but still work fine!!

Anyway, on to the reason for this post.

When I went out on Saturday night, we started the night at my managers flat. She was still getting ready, doing her hair and make up. I noticed that she has the ghd wide plate straighteners.
I asked if they were any good and if they were easy to use as I have the normal slimmer plate style. Now my manager has very short hair (as you can see in the previous post) and she swears by them and said that it cuts the time it takes to do your hair in half!!

She let me try them and all I can say is WOW!! I had already straightened and done my hair for the night so really didn't expect to see a difference but I did. They made my hair soo straight in seconds!!
On the website, it says that the wide style is best for long, thick, curly hair but can also be used on normal hair. I think this is why they are so good.

As I want to buy a new pair of ghd's, I wanted to know if you have tried or got the wide ghd's?! Im looking for some advice on if you think they are as amazing as i've been told?!

x x

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Saturday Night's Outfit and Pics!!

As you all know, I was out last night for my managers leaving do. Thank you for all your comments on which outfit looked best, I decided on the dress in the end, but still wasn't brave enough to go with bare legs as it was absolutely pouring down all night!!

I kept my make up quite simple actually as I didn't want it all slipping off my face by the end of the night.

I used the following:
  • Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer
  • Mac Hello Kitty Fun & Games blusher
  • Sleek Storm Palette (AGAIN!!)
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
  • L'Oreal Voluminous x 4 Mascara
  • The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain
  • The Body Shop Lip Gloss in No 16

And here's my outfit:

I changed my shoes to my tan heels as thought they went a bit better with the dress.

I wore a cropped black jacket too, which I have to say was used more as an umbrella than a jacket!!
  • Dress from Zara
  • Jacket from H & M
  • Shoes from New Look
  • Leggings from Topshop
  • Bag from Primark
I got the tiny bag from Primark at the last minute to match my shoes, but its actually a really cute little bag and at £3.00 I can't really complain!!

So onto pictures from the night, I didn't take that many as everyone had cameras with them and we were all getting fed up of having our pictures taken!!

This was taken while we were witing for our food. It was all really yummy, we thought it would just be basic bar food but it was actually really good. We all had different and I ended up having Fish & Chips. I know what you're thinking, nothing very special but it was amazing!! It came on a wooden plate, wrapped up in newspaper, with half a lemon and even a pickled onion, which everyone thought was hysterical!! It just looked very old fashioned. (I just want to add that it did have greaseproof paper inside too!!)
I've tried cropping the freaky looking guy out in the background but I end up losing too much of the pic!!

I've decided that I look like i've got NO make up on what so ever in this group picture!! I think I might need to start applying more?!

Me and Karen, she's just moving to another store to cover maternity leave but we'll all miss her!!

Overall it was a good night, but im now recovering as I was working today and am very much in need of sleep!! My next day off isn't until Friday so I think some early nights are in order!!

Just one more picture, I thought i'd show you who was waiting for me when I got back fairly late:

Hope everyone had a fab weekend :-) x x