Friday, 13 May 2011

Interview Treat (In the form of MAC Creme Cup)

So yesterday was my interview with Estee Lauder. I think it went well but the lady said she had had lots of people apply and that IF I am successful, it would be for a second interview so im keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call!!

After my interview, I decided to visit Selfridges as im not very often in Birmingham City Centre and I wanted to have a look on the MAC counter (lethal I know).

I decided to treat myself to just one product (as I still don't have a job yet) and in the end I chose a lipstick in Creme Cup. It was so hard to just buy one thing, especially as the girl that was helping me looked amazing with her bright and vibrant make up.

I've always wanted a nudey lipstick that I can actually wear, because im so pale, they always make me look ill. I'd heard quite a few people rave over this colour so I thought i'd try it.

I am so glad that I chose this lipstick as I already love it!!

I think because this one is quite pinky, it suits me a lot better and I love the fact that its a cremesheen too!!

This is what my make up looked like for my interview. I wanted to keep it quite natural but decided to wear my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and my Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume, just in case they recognised it!! And guess what, I actually used my Elf Tickled Pink Blusher which I now love, even though I wasn't so keen at first!!
This photo was taken about ten hours after I applied my make up and I know I look tired but thought i'd show you all.

I didn't get a photo of my outfit but it was pretty basic, black jacket, black skirt and white shirt. But, these were the shoes that I went to my interview in....

Nice, smart, black court heels from New Look. (They are black even though they look kind of grey/blue in this pic)

And these are the shoes I came home from my inteview in....

Nice, but not so smart, comfy flats from Primark, or Primarni as I like to call it hehe!!

My poor feet were so sore from walking round Birmingham all day that i literally couldn't take one more step so I headed in to Primark to pick up the first pair of shoes in my size that didn't have a heel.

My mum had told me to take some flats in my bag but I thought I knew better and didn't bother but i'll make sure I do from now on!!

Lesson learnt, always take flats everywhere and always listen to mum!!

*This was my second attempt at this post as im sure most of you will know, Blogger was down all day yesterday and deleted everything that was posted after Wednesday night so sorry if you comented on my first attempt, I blame Blogger!!*

How was everyone's day?! Have you tried Creme Cup?!

x x


Glimmer and Glow ♥ said...

I love Cremecup, it looks pretty on you. I've lost mine atm, I can't find it anywhere! xx

konni said...

Well done with the interview, you look lovely. And you definitely deserved a treat afterwards! Creme Cup looks like a lovely shade, I think it will suit you very much!

Hannah. said...

I have Creme Cup and I love it! :) Good choice xxx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I hope you'll get the call!!! X

Oh yes, ALWAYS take shoes for a change. I wouldn't survive without good old flats. OK, call me a cheater but that's what in my bag I leave in the cloakroom when I go clubbing - I've fallen too many times already (heels + % + me is not a good combo) and it's a miracle I didn't brake anything... ;)

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I had an interview today too, fingers crossed for yours. Love the lipstick.

Sadie x

Carlito86 said...

I've never tried Creme Cup for one reason - I hate the name!!! Good luck, I hope you get the job hun :) xxx

aimeee said...

good luck on the job sweetie!
the lipstick is lush :)


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I'm sure i commented on this, hmm strange. Fingers crossed for the job, i had an interview the same day too for the nhs.

Sadie xx

Jen said...

@ Carlito86 - Thank you!!

@ aimeee - thank you hun!!

@ Sadie - you did comment but when blogger crashed it deleted my post and all its comments, thank you and good luck to you too, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you :-)

x x