Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Exciting NEW Elf Products!!

So the other week, I was a bit naughty. I think I was having spending withdrawal symptons so I went online to have a look at the Elf website to see what I could treat myself to.
I love Elf as its so affordable (hence you dont feel guilty when your buying a lot!!) and everything I have bought from there in the past I have been very pleased with.

This is what I ended up with!!

L - R Studio Blusher X 2, New Conditioning Lip Balm X 3, New Studio Stipple Brush X 2 and a free Nail Polish

I was really pleased to see some new products on there and couldn't resist trying them. The first was their version of a duo fibre brush which they have called Stipple Brush from their Studio range. I got two of these as I thought I could use one for foundation and one for blusher.
I have a few of their other Studio Brushes and they have lasted age's and I love them.

Im pleased to announce that this is no different, its amazing!! I haven't tried a duo fibre brush before so I can't really compare it to another brand but I have used it for both liquid foundation and powder blusher and am so impressed with the results. I would recommend thhis brush to everyone!!
The bristles are super soft and i've had no shedding as yet.

The next new product I noticed was the Conditioning Lip Balm's with SPF 15 which I think is a fab idea and great for holidays.

I got two different shades. I bought two pots of the Peaceful Pink, as I loved the colour instantly and one pot of Mellow Melon.

I am loving these!! I haven't had chance to test the SPF (obviously in this country) but they feel amazing on my lips, not sticky, not gloopy or drying and they actually give a lovely sheen of colour. Mellow Melon is slightly darker than Peaceful Pink which is the perfect shade of pale pink.

I would definately recommend everyone to try these too. They come in a varirty of colours, with about six to choose from and have a very sweet smell to them, almost like sweets!!

Swatches: Top is Mellow Melon, bottom is Peaceful Pink.

The next two products, im a bit in two minds about them. They are of course the famous dupe of Nars Blushers, the blushers from the Studio Blush range.

I got Tickled Pink and Fuchsia Fusion. I have to say, I really wanted these products to be good and be a much cheaper version of the Nars Blushers and I wasn't let down!!

L - R Tickled Pink and Fuchsia fusion, With Flash

L - R Tickled Pink and Fuchsia Fusion Without Flash

Swatches: Top Tickled
Pink, bottom Fuchsia Fusion.

Tickled Pink is slightly more of a wearable colour for me as its more matte and blends slightly easier on my skin. Fuchsia Fusion is a very bad colour for me and is very, very shimmery and pigmented. I thought it was going to give me a lovely flush of pink but I was wrong. It might just be my colourings but im not so keen on this shade at all.

The nail polish that I got for free is called Light Red. It looks a lovely colour but I haven't had the chance to try that yet so im still unsure as to what this product is like.

Overall, im loving my new products from Elf and think i'll definately be back to buy more when these run out!!

Has anyone tried any of these products yet?! What do you think of them?!

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Yu said...

I'm dying to try out the lip conditioner but I can't find anything else on their site that I like! As for Tickled Pink, it's one of my fave blushes because it's a no brainer - wait for a day when you're in a rush, it'll be a life saver :)

Jen said...

@ Yu - I do like Tickled Pink, im going to keep trying it. I wanted the Berry Merry after seeing it on your blog but its out of stock so will have to keep trying :-)

konni said...

I made an order last week and it arrived today. I got a conditioning lip balm in the Mellow Melon shade, but I've not had chance to try it yet! I think the blushes both look lovely swatched, it's a shame you're not keen. I wanted to order a studio blush but the one I wanted was out of stock too!

Mademoiselle Lala said...

OK, you are seriously addicted (coming from a person who is every day salivating when browsing MAC website!) X


Eloise said...

I must try some elf brushes, I stupidly cleaned mine the other day by following a ridiculous tip form snog marry avoid :/ and ruined them completly


Jen said...

@ Konni - I now love the tickled pink blush!! Its a gorgeous colour, u'll love the lip balm :-)

@ Mademoiselle Lala - I am seriously addicted hehe, I regular salivate over the Mac website too!!

@ Eloise - You should definately try their studio range, I love them and i've had mine age's!! Your poor brushes, I love snog, marry, avoid too tho :-)

The Buttonboxx said...

love the blushers.Never tried ELF think i may have to now


G A B Y said...

Both blushes look gorgeous!

sjmwell said...

the blushers look really preety- ooh i haven't brought anything from elf in ages i may have to soon!


Peach Crush said...

oh my love the lip balm and blushes!!

Charli said...

Ohh I made an order and then about an hour later they "launched" the lip conditioners..gutted!!
My bf bought me soo much from there as part of my bday present so really don't even have an excuse to buy from there aha!! x

BlushCrush said...

Oh you enabler you, I've ummed and ahhed about this brush a million times before and literally dreamt about it the other day (in the context of the dream it wasn't that weird I promise!) Trouble is, despite all the promotions they offer, I never come away from ELF with less then £40 spent - and am seldom ever disappointed, least of all with the brushes... oh dear... I can hear the website calling me now - I do need a brush for my cream blushers and know that my flat top kabukis are probably a little dense, whereas this'll be perfect! x