Thursday, 26 May 2011

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

As I briefly mentioned in yesterday's post, last night I went to see Comedian Stephen K Amos. I had bought the tickets for the boyfriends birthday as he love's comedians. I had initially bought the tickets as he was the comedian that was on in our area, nearest to my boyf's birthday and i'd only heard a little bit about Stephen K Amos.

My Brother reassured me that he was funny and that he would love to see him!!

Im SO glad that I chose him as he was AMAZING!!

He was the first comedian that i'd seen live and he was so funny that I actually had a tummy ache and could hardly breathe!!

Tonight is his last night of the tour but he will be starting it again later in the year so definately look out for tickets as he was hilarious!!

At the end of the show he announced that he would be in the foyer of the theatre signing dvd's if you wanted to say hi so of course I had to!!

He was lovely and made sure that he saw everyone and even got up from behind his desk for photo's!! (I know a lot of celebs don't budge from behind their little table once they're sat down!!)

He even made a joke when posing for this pic, making a kind of hmm hmmm sound as he put his hand around my waist and kinda tickled me hehe!!

Im not very happy with this photo of me as i'd laughed and cried most of my make up off during the show and I didn't have my nice colourful scraf on in the pic as it was so hot so I look very "plain jane" here but I had to post it!!

My signed dvd and tickets.

He participated with the audience a lot and adapted his set to the City he was in which made it nice and personal.

If you get a chance to catch his Tour later in the year, my advice would be to definately go if you want a good laugh.

Has anyone else seen Stephen live?!

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Becca said...

Although I've not seen him live he has been funny when I've seen him on tv. He seems nice as well which is an added bonus! You look lovely in the pic, all the pressure of getting a good one always means you aren't quite happy anyway! xxxx

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Looks like a fab night! Good comedy is hard to come by xx