Sunday, 28 June 2009

Whats in my bag?!

I decided today to clean out my bag as its such a mess and being as I always use a big bag, I always carry around way too much stuff!! So I thought I would take the oppurtunity to do a "Whats in my bag" post.
I always love seeing what other people put in these posts as some people manage to carry hardly anything around with them in tiny little bags and others are more like me and have to carry around loads off stuff, even if you don't use half of it!!

So here's the bag that i've been using for the last couple of week's. I've got sooo many bags (it's a bit of an obsession with me), so im always changing them.
This particular one is from Miss Selfridge and I love it. Its big enough to get all my stuff in and as its real leather, its really, really soft. I love the colour too as it goes with anything and any outfit!!

I decided to just tip everything out on to the floor first and then sort through it all.

So this is what i've got:

My purse (from Accessorize), my diary which goes everywhere with me, hairbrush and my glasses. I normally only have to wear my glasses for driving so I usually keep them in my bag with me.

Some tissues, 4head (I used to not be able to swallow tablets, although I can now, I forgot to get them out of my bag for the pic as they were in the onside zip part), tea tree oil blotting tissues, Impulse spray New York from the city collection, i think this smells exactly like DKNY Be Delicious perfume which i also have, they go well together. A bottle of water and my umbrella.

A mirror, hair bobble and kirby's, chewing gum, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume, (my usual day to day perfume), hand cream, a pen (which I also always have with me in case you bump in to someone famous) :-), my key's and my work key's.

And lastly, my "keep in my bag" make up bag that only holds mainly all my lip products. It was really cheap from Primark, but I love it as although it's small, it holds quite a lot!! I don't top up my make up throughout the day, apart from my lips and maybe my blusher. I can't actually believe that i have this many lip products in here, I definately need to sort through these!!
We have The Body Shop lip & cheek stain, lipgloss, Watermelon lip balm, Coconut lip butter, Body Shop Hemp lip protector, my trusty Carmex, NYC lip slider, Benefit Dandelion blusher (fab by the way!!), Body Shop lipstick as mentioned in my previous post, Rimmel Lipstick in Foxy and finally, Rosy Lips Vaseline.

I think I've got a problem when it comes to buying lip balms, think I need to limit myself to only having maybe 3 or 4 with me at one time!!

So that's what's in my bag!!

Just realised my phone wasn't in there as it was next to me, but thats (obviously) normally in there too!! :-)

x x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

First OOTD, another FOTD and a big rant!!

I thought today that i'd attempt my first OOTD.

I had the day off work today and was really looking forward to spending all day in the sun but the sun just didn't want to come out and play today in sunny Scotland so this is what i wore.
I can't figure out how to use the timer on my camera yet and there was no-one around to help, hence the photo of myself taking my own photo!! (Please excuse my Take That calendar in the background!!)

I wore my Topshop jeans (the same one's I wore to the concert), a white tunic top from Topshop, coral cardigan from Primark and heels from New Look.
I was looking through all of my shoes the other day and I seem to have loads of them from New Look. They can be really good quality shoes, comfy and a good price!!
On to my FOTD, I was just going down to my local nail salon today so just kept my make up really simple.

I had on what I have on everyday for work with just a different blusher and lipstick.

On my face, I had on my Revlon Colourstay foundation, benefit boi-ing concealer and a new blusher I got from the sale at work. Its a roseflower blush in shade 02 Fushia. Its quite a bright pink so I only apply a small amount but I finds it lasts all day. Plus its reduced from £14.00 to £7.00 at the mo and thats always a bonus!!

On my eyes I had my Sleek Storm palette colours again (im using that all the time now), The Body Shop liquid liner in brown and my Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara. I find thats the one that im reaching for on a daily basis now.

Finally on my lips I have my new lipstick which is also in the sale at work. Its again from the roseflower collection and it also looks really, really bright in the packaging. It is shade 03. I would never, ever normally buy this sort of colour but as its from work, I ended up trying it on and loved it!! The colour lasts for ages and its got a kind of gloss to it thats not sticky but doesn't give you that dull look either.
Here are my two new products together:

Look how bright that lipstick looks there, compared to when its on my lips!!

Now for my rant of the day.

About a month ago I had acrylic nail extensions on as I was going back home to see friends and family and knew I wouldn't have time to keep doing my nails myself. I know they ruin your real nails but i've had them on the past and really wanted them done again.
As im now living in Glasgow and used to get them done at home in Birmingham, I had to find a new place. I decided on Nail Zone as its quite a popular company around here and thought that would be the best place. How wrong was I?!
The original ones were lovely and were on offer from £45 to £25. When I went back about 2 or 3 weeks later to get them infilled, the technician seemed really happy with herself that they were all still on. (This is the least I would hope for, for the money)
Anyway I had them infilled and really wasn't happy with them. You could still see where my last lot had grown out to and they just looked like i'd done them myself.
So i'd booked myself in for today to get them removed. I was booked in for 11.00am and was told it would take about 45 mins. It was 12.35pm when I eventually got out!!
My poor nails are in a right state. I know they are normally weak anyway but they are SO sore and keep bending!!

It took the girl ages (I think she was new) and the skin on my fingers kept bleeding from all the filing and buffing. She eventually remembered that she should be soaking them off so then I had her scraping away at my nails with a metal cuticle stick thing.
Needless to say I was in agony when I came out, my thumb nail is actually filed right down in one patch and is still throbbing.
I was booked in for a manicure too but as soon as my nails were off, I was out of there!! My nails are so uneven, I was straight down to Sallys to get what Hele recommended:

I hope this works. Im also planning on getting the Sally Henson Nailgrowth Miracle tomorrow to try and fix the problem myself.

I really don't want to go back to the salon so i need your help....

Does anyone know of anything I can do to get the bits of remaining acrylic off my nails?! Im not sure if acetone is best or just buffing it off?!

I apologise for my BIG rant but I had to get it off my chest as Im furious!!

x x

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Body Butters

So I thought I would share with people, my current collection of Body Butters. Of course they're all from The Body Shop but I seriously need to stop buying them as I get fed up of the same smell all the time and buy another one before i've finished the last tub!!

The Peach butter and the Melon butter are only available at sale time but I don't think they even bring out the Melon one anymore. I've had it in my cupboard for years and its never even been opened!!

My favourite out of all of them is definately the Coconut. I love the smell of Coconut and have tried loads of different brands and different products that claim to smell of Coconut but this one actually does!!
Its a really creamy product and most of you probably already know that the butters give up to 24 hours moisturisation. The only problem that I have with the butters is that a lot of them are for dry skin or very dry skin. My skin is just normal and to be honest I can get away without using any body moisturiser at all!! I know, I know, you should always moisturise and I always do with the skin on my face but the butters can be quite rich on my body.
But as I love the smell of Coconut, I use this one the most.
They have also bought out a limited edition Coconut Shimmer Body Butter for the summer which is fab if you have a tan and has also been added to my collection!!

As you can see I have a full size tub and the mini size tub.
The 200ml tubs are £12.20 and the 50ml tubs are £4.85. I use the big one at home and take the mini one away with me when I go back home. The small one is also good for keeping in your bag for on the go moisture!!
It really does soften and condition the skin and the smell lasts for ages too. It always reminds me of holidays and when im on holiday, I use this as an aftersun as its a lot more moisturising and smells nice too!! (My boyfriend also uses this on holiday but would never admit it)
This particular one contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter but so do a lot of the others and nine times out of ten they will contain at least one of these. The Coconut one is for Normal/Dry skin so is a bit richer than the one's that are for Normal skin.

I've taken a pic of the Coconut one next to the Japanese Cherry Blossom one here so you can see the difference in texture. The Cherry Blossom one is for Normal skin and so is a lot lighter and therefore its not as rich. The Cherry Blossom one was originally bought out as a limited edition, I think last year, maybe even the year before, along with a perfume to match but it was so popular that its still available to buy.
It is a more delicate smell than the usual fruity butters and if you wear it together with the perfume, the smell is lovely!!
Below is a pic of the two different butters on my hand for you to see the difference more clearly. The one on the left is the Coconut and the one on the right is the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

A good tip if anyone likes to use these as an aftersun is to keep them in the fridge. This makes them extra cooling and soothing when you apply them to the skin and is a must if you take them on holiday with you like I do. Just remember to tell people that its not a yoghurt!! (Especially if you live with a guy like me!!)

Hope this has been helpful, which Body Butter is your favourite?!

x x

Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day and Take That Pics!!

This is just a kind of one-off, random post to share some photo's with everyone.

I haven't posted for a few days as my parents were up visiting me and i've been at the Take That concert, twice!! Expect lots of photo's in this post!!
Firstly I thought i'd post a photo of my dad as its Fathers Day:

Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I know you read my blog most of the time so now you're on it!!

Now for my pic's from Take That. if you are going to the concert and don't want to see the photo's then just skip the next part!!
It was an AMAZING show and everytime I see the guys, they just get better and better and ALWAYS put on a great show. I saw them two nights. The first night, The Saturdays were supporting them, they were ok, but the second night it was James Morrison and he was fab!!

This was my outfit for the night. I decided to keep it really simple as I couldn't rely on the weather. (In the end it never rained so it was ok). I wore my faithful Topshop jean's with my Ted Baker belt, a simple black vest top and a cardigan which I only wore as I just wanted to carry my waterproof jacket. (Not a stylish look). Im also wearing my Jessica Simpson boots to give me some height!!

This is me and my mum!! (You're on here now too mum). I know, its a cheesy photo but we had to show the tickets!!

The crowd!! I had seated tickets as I can't handle being in big crowds like that. This photo was from the second night where our seats were at the side but the first night were were right in front of the stage!!
Also at the concert last night Peter Kay was there!! The camera's only flashed on him for a second so I never managed to get a photo of him!!

These huge balloons were realeased just as they came on stage!!

Can you tell I like Mark the best?!

It was a fab night out and I think I enjoyed this concert more than all of their others....Im very jealous of all you people still to see them, you're in for an amazing show!!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lastest Goodies and Dior Samples!!

Take That is tomorrow!!
My outfit for the night has changed several times due to hearing from some of you and from seeing the weather forecast. I wanted to wear my latest purchase:

But after hearing from Girl With The Golden Touch about how her friends shoes took days to dry and how her phone broke from being in her pocket as it was so wet, im now thinking of leaving my new shoes at home!!
Still not entirely sure what im wearing yet but will let you all know ASAP!!

Something else to share with everyone, I recently decided after reading several reviews that I wanted to try the Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation. I went in to two different stores to try and get help in finding my shade and was left very disappointed.
The first store informed me that the Dior girl was off sick and that they could only help me if I knew exactly what I wanted.
So the next day after work I went to a different, larger store, only to be told that the Dior girl there had already gone home, even though they were open late and again, there was nobody there that got help find my colour.
As I wanted the foundation for an occasion, I was left very disappointed and so I contacted Dior. They e mailed me back saying they were very sorry and that some samples would be in the post for me. Today they arrived and this is what I got:

I wasn't overly impressed with what I received as I can't use most of them. The moisturiser is for dry skin (I have oily skin), the foundation is way too dark and as for the perfume card sample, I could have picked one of these up from Boots!! I know I prob sound ungrateful, but from hearing and reading some amazing reviews on Dior, I honestly expected more.

What does everyone else think of Dior?

I'll leave you with a pic that got me very excited!! My mum and dad were making the drive from Birmingham to Glasgow this morning as mum's coming to see Take That with me. It was about 7.30am and they were just near Lancaster, when my mum spotted a black truck that said "Stage Truck" across the back of it. She made a joke about it being one of Take That's trucks but said it couldn't be as their trucks are blue. As they overtook the black truck, this is what they saw!!

The trucks were on the way from Cardiff to Glasgow, how exciting?! (My dad was driving VERY fast at this point, just so mum could get a pic). After all that effort, I couldn't not post the pic now could I?!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Counting down....

Nothing really related to beauty today (just fashion).

Its now only 3 days until I go and see Take That!!

Im starting to get excited now. I am a HUGE Take That fan (I know some people think that's sad and that they're rubbish) but I disagree. I've liked them since I was about 9 and just when I was on the verge of becoming obsessed with them.... they split up :-( Imagine my joy when they got back together!! (yay)
I went to see the comeback tour twice, then the 2007 tour and at the end of the week I go again.
I've seen and heard some great reviews from this tour so expect one from me very soon!! Has anyone else been to see them?

My main reason for liking them is this guy:

How gorg is Mark?!

My main worry now is the weather. As its a stadium tour, its outside and im seeing them in Sunny Scotland.
(A little bit of background info about me, im from the West Midlands and my friends and family still live there. I moved up to Glasgow about 4 years ago now to live with my boyfriend. I moved up on a trial basis but have never gone back home. (I still call the West Mids home!!)
I miss everyone back home and everytime me and the boyfriend argue, i threaten to go back home, if only it was that easy!!)

Anyway my main reason for this post.... what to wear?! I need some ideas, I always wear heels so don't really want to wear flats but it could be raining and/or hot and a lot of standing. Im just interested in what everyone else wear's at concerts?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

First FOTD and New Bag

So I thought i'd try my first FOTD post. Nothing special, just my usual daytime look. Im one of those people that can't leave the house without make up on, even if it is just foundation and mascara!! As im quite pale and because of my colourings, without make up I look like I have no eyebrows and no eyelashes so mascara is a MUST for me!!

This was me just before work this morning (hence the uniform top). These are the products I used:
  • The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer
  • Clinique gentle light powder
  • Mini Bourjois Blush 07
  • The Body Shop eyebrow kit
  • Sleek Palette in Storm
  • Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner
  • Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
  • The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain (VERY similar to Benefit's Benetint)
  • The Body Shop Liquid Lip Colour in No16
Next I thought i'd share my lunch hour treat to myself....lunch hours are dangerous when you work in a shopping centre, you end up buying stuff just for the sake of buying something, does anyone agree?

And here it is. I've been debating on this bag for a few weeks now and finally decided on getting it!! Its from New Look and cost £22. I normally buy black or tan bags so thought this would be a nice change for summer. What do you think, too bright or a nice change from boring black?

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Latest Shopping Haul

So I thought i'd share with everyone the results of my latest shopping trip, it might help you get to know more about me.

My first stop was Superdrug where I came out with the Sleek Palette in Storm. I first noticed this while watching a video on YouTube from Pixiwoo and fell in love with all the colours. A few other fellow bloggers have since added reviews on this palette and I have to agree, its fab for the money. (£4.87) You get 12 colours in total and they actually stay on ALL day!!

Also from Superdrug I got a really cute mini Bourjois Blush in Shade 07. This is really tiny but gives a gorgeous colour, a pink with a really subtle gold shimmer through it. This will be perfect for applying to the apples of the cheeks.

I got my Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer in 001 Blonde as its the only bronzer I can actually use as im naturally so pale!! It gives a gorgeous peachy kind of colour when its on the skin and I love the fact that it has the two different shades together. They blend together perfectly.
Next stop was Debenhams to get my Clinique Gentle Light Powder. I first started using this when I was still at school, but I would always use it over my foundation to set it. Its a lovely light powder with little light reflecting particles in it and it always just lifts my complexion. I also have combination/oily skin and find I always need to put something over my foundation.
Does anyone else feel the need to use a powder too?

My last product was from Mac and it was a cream colour base in Pearl. I use this to highlight any areas I think needs it, mainly my cheekbones and eyebrow arch. It catches the light perfectly and always makes you look healthy!!

Here goes....

I've been following many blogs for a while now and I have finally decided to take the plunge and start my own. Like many of you out there, im completely make up, beauty, clothes and shoes obsessed and this is just a place for me to share all things related to these with you guys!!

I own way too much make up (working for The Body Shop is to blame for this) and way too many pairs of shoes, and im really excited to share any reviews, tips and purchases with everyone.
Im not sure if this will be a totally beauty related blog or a bit of everything thats going on, but theres only one way to find out!!

Hele at Hele Says and Holly at The Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog (which im sure you all already know) have mainly inspired me to do this blog as theirs are both fab as im sure you'll all agree, so thanks girlies!!

Think thats it for now, but can't wait to get started and enter the world of blogging!! x x