Thursday, 5 January 2012

Project Clear Skin Starts With Clarins!!

Hi Ladies!!

I have had enough of my problem skin and so have decided to completely change my skin care. As I work on a make up counter, I decided to seek advice from the counter next to me which was Clarins. I've never used anything from Clarins before but was very impressed with everything id heard about them as well as the lovely ladies who work on the counter having amazing skin!!

I came away with this little lot and so far im very impressed. I will do more in depth reviews when I have used the products for a longer amount of time but even the cleanser feels so luxurious, I love it.
I purchased the cleanser, toner, face wash, moisruriser and eye cream.
All of the above (apart from the eye cream) are for combination/oily skin which is great for me. The eye cream is for all skin types for the first signs of aging. I decided to start using it as I am 26 now and feel that I should really start to look after my skin.

At the moment in Debenhams, if you spend over £30 on Clarins products (one to be skincare) you can pick 3 travel-plus size products out of 10 for free!!

I chose the exfoliating cleanser, body lotion and the multi-active day cream to try to see if I need to start using anti aging stuff yet.
These are all really good sized products to get for free and id really recommend having a look if you use Clarins as there's loads of different products to choose from!!

I've only been using these for a couple of days but they all feel amazing on my skin and im keeping my fingers crossed for some fab results!!

Do you use Clarins skin care?! Which products do you recommend?!

x x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions - Blog More!!

Happy New Year Beautiful Girlies!!

I cant believe that its 2012 already, where did last year go?! Last year ended with me getting a new job but becoming single and I found that both of these things stopped me from blogging :-(

However, new year, new start so thought i'd start off by updating you all with a few pics from December. It was a very busy month for me, as well as working in retail (which was chaos), it was my Dads 60th Birthday, my 26th Birthday (eeeekk, im so old) as well as Christmas and New Year. Phew.

So here's just a few pics as a quickn update and normal (consistant) blogging will resume from today!!

Me looking very happy at something (Think I was a bit tipsy)

Me on my Birthday

My Dads Birthday Cake.

Me and my Brother obviously looking at the wrong camera!!

Posh place in Edinburgh that we went to eat in for my Dads Birthday, it was very Christmasy :-)

Inside the posh place

Im off now to decide on my New Year Resolutions, have you made any?! If so i'd like to know what they are :-)

x x