Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I recently finished reading Beautiful by Katie Piper and I can honestly say it was such an inspirational book, that I read it in just 3 days.

Normally it takes me forever to read a book if it doesn't grab my attention straight away. I just wanted to keep reading this though and couldn't put it down. In the start, I liked it as she goes on about normal girlie things like shopping and make up and then goes on to tell the whole horror of her story.

However the most inspirational part of the book, is how she overcomes what has happened to her and she now just wants to help others.

I want to say that its such a good book without you getting the wrong idea. Obviously what happened to Katie was truly awful. But the courage and strength that she has and how she has overcome the hell that she went through, is truly amazing.

I gave my mum the book to have a read after me and she also couldn't believe how brave and truly amazing Katie Piper actually is.

I think she looks gorgeous here at the launch of The Katie Piper Foundation. I love her shoes!! I think her dress is very similar to the one that Kate Middleton has recently been seen wearing.

It would have been so easy for Katie to have just given up and never left her house again but she hasn't let her evil attackers win and I think that she still does her hair and make up perfectly. I love the fact that when she couldn't wear any make up, she always made sure that her nails were done and always had glam nail polish on!!

Im a total worrier and worry about anything and everything and this has made me realise that some things just aren't worth it!!

Overall, reading the book has taught me to not be so silly about things like getting a spot or worrying about what your foundation looks like etc etc.

I would recommend reading this to everyone as its such an inspiration!!

Have you read this already?!

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Mademoiselle Lala said...

I wanted to read it, but never got an actual chance to do so. Obviously I've heard her story in a nutshell and already think that she is a true survivor. There was/is some documentary about her (and her friends) on Channel 4 and I'm pretty sure you can watch it on 4OD. X

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sophie lou said...

aww ive just finished reading this to, shes such an inspiration, i dont know about you but i almost felt like it was a story reading it and then you think, it really happened to her, shes such a beautiful person :) xx

BlushCrush said...

Katie is so, so inspirational. Her attackers are literally, scum of the earth. Maybe I'll give this a read - she deserves all of the support and recognition she can get xoxox

Lydia said...

I watched the channel 4 series on Katie and I found it very upsetting yet very inspirational too. This book is definitely on my "to read" list! X

Jen said...

@ Mademoiselle Lala - I watched a few of those too x x

@ sophie lou - Yeah i agree, a lot of the time you think it has to be a story as its so horrible x x

@ BlushCrush - You should definately read it!! Its easy reading but so moving and its good to get her actual account of things x x

@ Lydia - You should read it, its a really inspirational book and even though its upsetting, its so amazing to see how she overcomes it x x

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

I loved this book too, she's such a brave and inspirational woman :) xx

denise ❤ said...

I have heard of her story! she's amazing <3 im sure the book is a great read, very helpful to help us see that we worry about all the wrong things, I'm a "worrier", too. !