Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Its A Kinda Magic

I was recently browsing the Barry M make up stand, looking for a new lipstick. I couldn't make up my mind if I liked any of them enough to buy them and then I saw their "Touch Of Magic" GREEN lipstick, yes I said Green!!

I had heard a few things about this lippie on various other blog's and I decided to try it for myself.

What it says on the Barry M Website:

"Green goes Pink!!
A waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go."

I absolutely love this product!! I initially thought that it would somehow be my perfect shade of pink and quite subtle but it actually goes quite a bright pink on me.
I kind of like this as it means if I apply it in the morning, then its still on hours later!! Although the glossiness has gone, the colour is still very much there and is in my opinion, better than a lip stain.

How it turned out on me

I would have liked to try this before I bought it but wouldn't have put the tester anywhere near my lips!! I did try it on my hand and the stain was still there even when I washed my hand!! I had to use a body scrub to get it off the back of my hand. Pretty impressive for a lipstick!!

I would recommend everyone to try it as im more than happy with the results and this has become my most reached for lipstick of the moment. I haven't yet seen it appear pale on anyone though, so bear that in mind if you're a nude lip's gal!!

It is available from Boots for £4.49.

Have you tried this yet?!

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Catherine said...

Love the pink on you, I want to try this too :-) x

BlushCrush said...

Oh wow, I had no idea this product did this. I've seen it before in Superdrug and been like "WTF?!?" - bypassing it - I LOVE THIS x

G A B Y said...

I bought it from a blog sale out of curiosity but I'm a little disappointed as it looks neon on me ): Maybe I just need to tan a little more though?

Eloise said...

The pinks a really pretty colour on you, you look stunning


Charlie said...

I have tried this, just recently bought it myself the other day, i need to put my review up, i think its brilliant!
its gone a lovely colour on you

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I didn't try it but thanks for the review, I'll check it out in store. :) X

P.S. Don’t forget about my giveaway!

Laura said...

Wow! That sorta stuff astounds me, easily pleased I guess, hehe! It'd probably stay green on me! Good to see an innovative drugstore product :)

aimeee said...

ive seen this going around at the moment and i really like the idea! im just a bit scared it'll turn like bright pink or something!

has a lovely colour on you though!