Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Ready Feet and Hooray For Hemp!!

As the weather hots up and the sandals and flip flops come out, we all need to take care of our tootsies!!
We all get the dreaded rough skin on our feet and I always have to keep my feet in tip top condition in the summer months.

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector, Foot File and Moisturising Socks.

These are the products that I use on my feet and have done ever since I worked at The Body Shop. While I worked there, I tried so many of the lotions and butters and different creams and their Hemp Range was definately the most moisturising out of everything!!
Its not the nicest smelling product but it more than makes up for that in the results you get from using it.

Its got a grassy kind of smell and it is quite a thick cream. And yes, it does have a cannabis leaf on the packaging. I used to get asked all the time if it contained cannabis from customers but its just the Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the plant.

The packaging states:

"Super-moisturising hemp seed oil is packed with essential fatty acids that restore skins natural moisture barrier and help repair dry, cracked skin."

For an extra intensive boost, I use this overnight with the moisturising socks.

I also have the Hemp Hand Cream from the range and this was always a best seller. Its good for people with eczema, if you work outside or with your hands always in water and of course very dry skin. Even if you just want a really good hand cream.
My Mum and Boyfriend use this too so it must be good!!

Again its a very thick cream but it does sink in quite quickly. I tend to use this hand cream more in winter and use my Soap & Glory Hand Food in the summer but the Foot Protector is a must all year round!! I want to try Soap & Glory's Heel Genius, has anyone tried this?!

Do you use this or can you recommend a different foot cream?!

x x


Laura said...

I've been using the Soap & Glory Heel Genius, it's really good! I keep meaning to review it. I've been so slack with my feet but I need to get back on track. The Body Shop products never disappoint so you've made me REALLY want to try these! No money! xxx

Carlito86 said...

I used to use Hemp religiously, I used the hand protector on my feet as they are ridiculously bad. I atually only used it the other day as I have a tube at work, the smell is totally rank though :/ xoxo

Gem said...

Hi hun - I just wanted to come and thank you for your lovely comment on my giveaway post. It made me laugh to write that bootsale madness post, so I'm glad that translated when you read it too!

I have that body shop foot file - by boyfriend calls it the "hoofer" and moans that I get "hoof dust" all over the place when I've used it! He's as mad as I am!

Gem xx

Jen said...

@ Laura - I think i'll try the Heel Genius next, im skint too though :-)
x x

@ Carla - I agree with you about the smell
x x

@ Gem - That made me laugh so much!! My bf is now calling it that too!!
x x

denise ❤ said...

I used to have the foot file and it was great. I'm intrigued by both the Hemp Feet protector and the hand cream, I'm putting them on my 'products-to-check-out' list!!!:)) I suffer from dry hands..!

Jen said...

@ denise - You should definately try them both but especially the hand cream if you have dry hands, its amazing!!
x x