Thursday, 23 June 2011

Travelling Light...NOT!!

This week my Boyfriend has been off work so i've been staying at his. I usually just stay for a night or two at a time and even that involves me packing a load of my stuff up and carting it round to his. I always have to take loads of stuff in case I need something that I didn't bring.

While just having a chill out day today, I couldn't help but notice (kind of in shock) just how much make up I actually bring round with me, so just thought i'd share with you guys!!

It actually doesn't really look that bad here, all in the bag but when I had a closer look, it was just rediculous!! This isn't my whole make up collection either, thats all at home, this is just what I bring when Im staying at the bf's.

I know I don't use half of this stuff but I like to have it with me as I can guarantee that I always want a certain eyeshadow or lipstick that i've left at home if I dont.

My Boyfriend went crazy when he saw all of this lying on his floor hehe!! I must admit, I really don't know why i've got about ten lip products with me.

This doesn't even include any of my make up brushes (apart from one), any of my skin care products or hair products, this is just my make up!!
I really, really can't travel light in the slightest which is kind of bad but everyone I know is used to that by now :-)

Is this a familiar sight to any of you?! Please say that it is!!

x x


Hannah. said...

Hahaha, we are very alike! You should have seen what was in the makeup bag I took to school today! It was so heavy it weighed my bag down!!! :)

Great post xx

Love Hannah (check out my giveaway :)) x

Catherine said...

I do this too, took loads to Dublin for the weekend, because I always think I will want something I left at home x

LipGlossGossip said...

I have this problem too! I'm leaving for IMATS tomorrow morning but I'm going to TRY and pack light but I don't know how it's gonna turn out! :D

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Because of the weight limit I've learnt to pack VERY lightly when I go home - I only take things I know I will use. And invest in a smaller make-up case (there are LOTS and LOTS to choose from, I have my gym make-up one from Paperchase). Also, maybe try keeping few bits at the boyfriend's place so you don't feel like a nomad (this reminds me of a SATC episode ;) ). X

P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

Glimmer and Glow ♥ said...

I always overpack makeup too! It's nice to know you have options :) xx

Sirens and Bells said...

Yes I do the same!! I overpack always, it's the worst when you look for something and find you've left it at home :(
Sirens and Bells xx

Kirsti x said...

:) makes me happy i'm not the only one who has to pack a million different options :)

I've started carting a small wheeled suitcase with me for the weekends, i look ridiculous lol