Wednesday, 15 June 2011

NOTD Barry M Boots Limited Edition

Hi Girlies!!

I thought i'd just share with you all, a gorgeous nail polish that I love but had completely forgotton that I had.
I came across this nail polish while having a clear out and finding it in one of my bags.

Its Barry M Boots Limited Edition.

I got this a while back, used it a few times and then forgot about it but it really is a lovely colour. I think that you can still get this from Boots, even though its called a limited edition. Its a gorgeous pastel purple, lilac kind of colour and I think its perfect for summer!!

I wore this on my nails today and got quite a few compliments so definately give this a try if you haven't already!!

Have you tried this?! Does anyone know of a similar colour?!

x x


aimeee said...

i love this! the colour reminds me of the purple one from those gel pens that smelt? i think it was grape or something :P

Pyari Beauty said...

I love the colour. It's really pretty.

Jen said...

@ aimeee - your so right, it does look like that hehe!! :-) x x

denise ❤ said...

it's such a beautiful color, wow!!!!! I can imagine you got compliments, aw it's so nice getting compliments on your nail color haha :)))