Saturday, 4 June 2011

NOTD Nubar Vaso

This is my first ever nail polish by Nubar and I love it!! I initially went on eBay to buy a different colour after seeing it on a friend. However the seller then emailed me to tell me that she was out of stock of the one I wanted and did I want to pick a different colour.
I looked through the hundreds that she had for sale and eventually picked this one as it looks very different to any that I already own.

I love this shade so much. Its a very pretty, lavender, purple color. It kind of looks more silvery in a certain light. Its a very pretty and flattering color. The shimmer is very intense but unlike other shimmery, metallic polish's that i've tried, this one goes on so easy with just one stroke of the brush and isn't at all streaky which I love!!

Nubar Vaso

I have three coats on in the photo here. It was perfect after just two coats but I preffered the colour after three!!

I think i'll be trying more colours that are out of my comfort zone in the future!!

Have you tried this or any of Nubar's polishes?!

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Mademoiselle Lala said...

I haven't tried it and never heard of the brand. ;) It looks very lovely, even though I'm not into glitter (went through a HUGE glitter phase in High School ;) ). X

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aimeee said...

oo never heard of this brand but the colour is gorgeous <2

Tess said...

Love this colour, I really want to try out a shimmer nail polish! x

Adrienne said...

you are right this is lovely :) its very like china glaze IDK holo which is my fav :) x