Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Take That and Hair Help

So last night, me and my Mum went to see Take That at Villa Park. I was so excited as im a massive Take That fan and me and my Mum have seen them about six times now since they had their big comeback.
I felt a little disappointed about the show as for me, it wasn't half as good as their last concert and this tour just seemed to be all about Robbie and he took over and kind of ruined the show for me. (Please don't hate me Robbie fans, its just my opinion!!)

Has anyone else been to see the tour?!

Anyway, on to the main reason for this post, I need some hair advice. It takes me forever to grow my hair and as it takes so long, I normally want to cut it again as soon as its long.
I love having long hair as I can curl it and make it wavy too but I also think that it can look lank and lifeless when its straight.

I took some pictures at the concert and then couldn't help but compare them to the last time I saw the guys on tour, back in 2009.

My hair was a lot shorter two years ago but I can't help thinking it looked a lot healthier with more shape to it.

This was me last night.

And this was me and Mum at the last show in 2009.

I always want to change my hair back to being shorter but I do love being able to do so many more things with it when its long. (I've spent a fortune on conical wands and waving wands and heated rollers etc etc!!)

So im asking all of you, my lovely blogger friends what you think and which look you prefer.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!! :-)

x x


Mademoiselle Lala said...

I actually love you in the shorter hair! :) And it is not THAT short - you'll still would be able to use curlers and other stuff.

I am chopping mine in August, after a wedding I need to attend to. :)

You had a great day out with you mum! :) X

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Catherine said...

aww I went to see Take That in Dublin I loved it I loved Take That the first time round loved Robbie and loved Take That as a four and love them again now :D so I loved the concert. I like your hair how it looks now it looks full and healthy xx

Sirens and Bells said...

I think the shorter hair really suits you, it looks thicker when it's shorter. Perhaps you should cut it half way between the two? That way you can still do things with it, but it's still shorter :) That way you can always cut it a lot shorter if you wish, or if you want it to grow, it won't take as long :)
Sirens and Bells xxx

Jen said...

Thanks Girlies!!
I'll have a long think about what to do with it :-)
x x