Thursday, 30 July 2009

Which outfit should I wear?!

I've got a night out with the girls from work on saturday and as usual, I can't decide what to wear!! One of the girl's is leaving so we're going out for a meal and some drinks but it won't be a "big night out" so I don't need a "out dancing" outfit.

Right now my bed is covered with the contents of my entire wardrobe and I have about 8 pair's of shoes scattered on the floor. (My boyfriend will go mad!!)

So here are the 2 options i've managed to get it down to:

The first is my Zara dress from a previous post. As I want to wear heels, I feel I need to wear my leggings with it instead of just bare legs as I would do with flats. Not sure if the leggings go?!

And then the next is just my trusty black denim skirt and top combo!! I always play it safe in black and then add loads of accessories but not sure if this looks too boring compared to the dress?!

I've asked my boyfriend and as usual his answer was.... "They both look nice".

What kind of answer is that?!

It would be great to get your opinion on this as I can't make decisions at all!! x x


Victoria said...

I vote number 1! xx

hazeleyes said...

I prefer number one for sure! :) xXx

Nicola said...

ah cute. I think the first one, and you should be brave and go without tights! :) xx

Perfectly Flawed said...

Number 1 without leggings or two with some bright tights and accessories...I prefer the no1 with no leggings option though x

adelinky said...

#1 w/o the leggings!


Lisa said...

Definitely number 1 but without leggings! x

Jen said...

Thanks girlies, it's looking like its going to be number 1 but am now searching for skin coloured tights as ALL fake tan goes wrong on my legs!! x x

em said...

I like both!! which one did you choose?

Jen said...

@em - im still deciding!! Im not sure if the floral dress is ok to wear to a club?! I'll post pics when I know!! x x