Monday, 27 July 2009

Advice Needed!!

Although im in love with my new Dior foundation, come pay day, I want to try out another new one!! I've been reading through everyone's blogs and reading reviews and recommendations until I go cross-eyed!!

I think i've managed to narrow it down to a few that i've read about so, I've decided to ask you, my lovely readers, your opinions!!

I have combination/oily skin and I like a matte finish with quite good coverage.

1. - Mac Studio Fix Fluid.

Although I hate to admit it, I have NEVER purchased anything from a Mac counter!! I only own 3 Mac products (all blushers) and they were bought off eBay as my local Mac counter is in town, at House of Fraser and i've never really known where to start as there are soo many products. So, I really, really need your help!!

I've heard lots of great things about this foundation, including how air-brushed and flawless it makes your skin look. However, I've also heard a few negative things, including how it can look cakey and sometimes cause your skin to break out and thats the last thing I want!!

2. Estee lauder Double Wear Light.

I tried a sample of this a couple of days ago and really liked how it felt on my skin and the colour match was also good. However, halfway through the day, my skin did get oily and I somehow felt I needed more coverage.

3. Estee Lauder Double Wear.

I've heard amazing things about this and im thinking maybe this will give more coverage than the light version?! I've also heard how it stays on all day AND all night too but the negative apparently is the glass bottle and not being able to get all of the product out. Is this the only negative to this foundation?!

4. Estee Lauder Maximum Cover.

I really don't think I need this as its described as being ideal for covering up surgical scars and concealing imperfections. Although I do have a few acne scars, im not sure that they are that bad to need something this heavy, or is it light in texture and good for an oily kind of skin?!

These are just a few that i've been considering and if any of you would recommend a different foundation, please let me know!! Im trying to decide if its worth the journey to experience my very first encounter with Mac?!

I've got 4 days until pay day so hopefully that gives me enough time to make a decision!!
x x


Victoria said...

I recommend Double Wear. It covers all imperfections and really stays put alll day.

When mine is running low I keep it stored upside down and open it carefully when I want to use it.


Catanya said...

I would def go for Lauder Double Wear Light, hun!!

tina_mbc said...

Well, foundation is such a personal choice, I 've only tried the Double Wear Light from the bunch and what I can I say... it felt QUITE heavy on my skin...

My next one to try though is SFF...

I know this wasn't very


Jo said...

All I will say is don't get the MAC! I really dont recommend it, although it suits other people, I would say to get a sample first.xx

Lisa said...

Well I've got the same skin type as you (and also like a matte finish with good coverage - snap!) and the only one I've tried on your list is Double Wear.

I thought it gave amazing coverage but I dunno, it just felt way too heavy on my skin and I 'felt' as though I was wearing makeup iyswim? I used it for about a month but had to stop as it gave me the WORST spots I've ever had in my life! My skin looked a right state and it was all over the Christmas period too - great lol. It took ages to clear up so I'd just be careful with it... Maybe get a sample first?

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful x