Saturday, 25 July 2009

20 Things Tag....

Ok, so I was recently tagged by Girl With The Golden Touch to do the 20 Things Tag, so here goes:

1. Things you cannot leave the house without

My handbag, which contains everything including, my purse, phone, keys and make up bag.

2. Favourite brand of Make Up
I don't really have just one favourite, I love loads of different brands, although my fave's include Benefit and Rimmel.

3. Favourite flower
Tulips. I love the way they look even though they tend to droop after a couple of days.

4. Favourite clothing store
Too many to choose from!! River Island, Topshop and Zara are my fave's and New Look for their shoes!!

5. Favourite perfume
I own way too many perfumes but my favourite has to be Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Its a lovely light fragrance that instantly makes you feel good.

6. Heels or Flats
Heels!! I wear heels all the time. This can drive whoever im with crazy, as sometimes my feet start hurting if i've been walking for too long and I start complaining!! But I just love how they make an outfit look instantly better and make you feel fab!! I've even got a little heel on my work shoes which im standing in all day, every day. (I must say though, in the winter, I live in my trusty old Uggs!!)

7. Do you make good grades
I did make good grades all through school but just did average on my GCSE's. My school was one that helped all the brainy kid's to make the school results look good and just left normal people like me with cover teachers all the time. (I had a P.E. teacher for Math's?!) This kind of explains why I did rubbish in and therefore HATE maths!!
I did go to college though to do Hairdressing as I hated the "sitting in a classroom, writing things" side of it!! All in all, I hated school and am much happier now that im working!!

8. Favourite colours
Pink is my fave colour. However if its clothes and accessories - black, tan and coral.

9. Do you drink energy drinks
Im not supposed to as I have IBS and caffeine really doesn't agree with me, but I do drink Lucozade Orange when im ill. (I can't stand Red Bull!!)

10. Do you drink juice
I love apple juice and occasionally i'll drink orange juice. I try to drink it as I don't eat much fruit and veg!!

11. Do you like swimming
Only if im on holiday somewhere hot. I hate even the thought of going to the public swimming baths. Plus getting chlorine in my hair and taking all my make up off is NOT my idea of fun!!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Not unless im eating out at a restaurant.

13. Favourite moisturiser
I have two, Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Lite and The Body Shop Spa Wisdom - Africa Spa Rich Body Balm, lovely light, delicate smell!!

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Yes!! I want to get married as its what a girl dreams of right?! Me and my boyfriend have been arguing over this as he NEVER wants to get married and I do!! We've been together for 8 years now and he's never changed his mind and says he never will :-(

15. Do you get mad easily

Proababy too easy, especially when im driving!! I also tend to get mad and angry about things that dont even matter, eg, my boyfriend is very laid back and it makes me mad that he doesn't get mad about certain things!!

16. Are you into ghost hunting

No, ghosts scare me!! However I did once see a Clairvoyant with a friend and she told me things that she couldn't possibly have known about my Nan and Grandad. She told me that they're always with me, even though they dont show it as they know it would freak me out!! Too right!!

17. Any phobias
Loads!! My main phobia is sick and anyone who is going to be sick!! Its not just the fact that I don't like it, im actually petrified of it!!
The cause of this - I used to get a lift to school when I was little (like 6 years old and upwards) with my friends mum and my friend had car sickness. I would be stuck in the back of the car with her with no back windows or doors and I think thats where it all started!! All my friends know of this phobia and its also why I don't drink much alcohol as im scared of being sick. Even typing the word is making me start to get sweaty hands!!
Also spiders, any creepy crawlies, being closed in somewhere and not being able to get out and flying.

18. Do you bite your nails

No, never have done.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience

Not that I know of!!

20. Do you drink coffee
Yes but only decaff - and with lots of sugar!!

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Apologies if you've already done this!! x x

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