Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Nail Rescue

Nail Update:

So it's now been almost 2 weeks since my poor nails suffered getting my acrylics off.
I went back to the nail salon to complain and I actually got to speak to the manager. She looked at my nails, including the one that was bleeding in the middle and just said that I must have weak nails!! The cheek of her!!
I explained that I never had a problem with them before and then she said: "Well why did you have your acrylics off?!"
I explained that I wasn't happy with the quality of them and she looked horrified.

To cut a long story short, all that she could offer me was a free weekly treatment of getting a layer of gel put over my real nails but they were so sore and i'd had such a bad experience, I decided I would sort them out myself!!

So these are the products that im now using daily:

They are both Jessica products. The first is Phenomen Oil. This is an intensive moisturiser that is formulated with healing jojoba, almond and rice oils to revitalize and maintain ideal moisture balance. You can apply it at night for a good soak but at the mo, im using it twice daily. It smells amazing, almost like baby powder!! You can also use it on any dry area's including elbows, feet and knee's.
I've only been using this for 3 day's but already the results are great. I would definately recommend this product to everyone, even just as a daily conditioning oil for the cuticles too!!

The other product is Restoration. This is a basecoat for Post-Acrylic or Damaged Nails. It contains healing echinacea which helps rebuild nails from foundation to surface. You're meant to apply 2 coats of this as a basecoat and then your normal nail varnish, but until my nails are a bit better, im just applying this on its own. This is also an amazing product and is definately helping.

When they are stronger, im going to start using this:

Originally I was just going to apply this daily but right now im just sticking to my Jessica products as they're working wonders.

I'll keep you all updated with how they work but all in all, im so glad I decided to fix my nails myself!!

Has anybody else tried either the Phenomen Oil or Restoration?!

x x


It's Nicola said...

It sounds horrific what they did to your poor nails- so careless. I'm glad you've gone to the 'Sally side'. Once you use sally hansen you don't go back! lol As you can tell, I love the stuff! xx

Jen said...

@Nicola, lol!! I've heard great things about this sally hansen bottle so can't wait to start using it!! x x