Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation Review

I decided that I wanted to try this foundation after I had read a few good reviews on various other blogs. I finally got round to buying it after having a lot of trouble trying to actually speak to a Dior girl. (I wrote about my experience at a couple of Dior counters in a previous post).

Anyway, I eventually got to speak to someone who actually works for Dior, she told me that I would be shade 020 and squeezed a small amout on to the back of my hand. (As I do makeovers on customers at work, I know you have to test colour shades on your jaw line as your hands are a completely different colour to your face).

I applied a bit to my jaw line and asked her opinion. She informed me that this was definately the lightest shade so would be the best for me. I asked her several times if it was the lightest, as thats what I normally am.
After purchasing the 020 on her recommendation, I did my make up the following morning and this was the outcome:

Please excuse this TERRIBLE picture, I only took it to show what an awful colour match it was, hence the reason I look just a tiny bit annoyed!! Look at my face and then look at my body!!

I drove straight to Debenhams to complain and was told i'd need to return it to the store i got it from. So I had to wait another couple of days and finally i got my correct shade, 010.

Despite my huge rant, it is a fab foundation!!

This is what I normally look like wearing foundation!!

It is described as an extreme wear flawless makeup, made with nano stretch technology which acts accordingly under different extreme environments.

After using this for about a week now, I can honestly say it is an amazing foundation.
As my skin is oily, I need a foundation that is going to stay put and not slide off my face halfway through the day. This is very long lasting, when I come home from work, it still looks the same as it did first thing that morning. This is great as I don't need to touch up my make up throughout the day!!
It is waterproof and has an Spf 25 which is always an added bonus!!
It gives a good coverage which I like and its not too heavy. I apply my Clinique gentle light powder over the top of this, just to set it and it never looks cakey, yay!!

I would definately recommend this to anyone with oily skin or anyone looking for a long lasting foundation. As long as you get the correct colour, you can't not fall in love with this foundation!!

Does anyone else love this product?! x x


Onyx said...

I'd completely forgotten about this foundation, but it's actually one I wanted! I had a sample in a magazine ages ago, and thought, this is really good. I get put off by expensive price tags though! I guess you get what you pay for, I've noticed with cheaper foundations you end up using more product, so get through them quicker. My MAC lasts me ages so maybe I'll dig a bit deeper in my pockets and get this! Do you only need a small amount of foundation to cover your whole face? xxx

Jen said...

@Onyx - I was hoping you would only need a small amount for your whole face but I seem to be using the same amount as cheaper brands and thats me just putting the bare minimum on, not building it up etc. As it does last all day though, its not too bad!! I think its normally £26, I got it from debenhams on a 10% off day so wasn't too bad but it is quite pricey!! Which Mac foundation do you use, I want to try one?! x x

Onyx said...

I was using Studio Fix, but I find it too heavy now, and the wrong shade. I've been using Select for about a week and since you have a similar skintype to me, (I'm combination/oily) and you don't like a cakey finish, I think you'd get on really well with it. It's light/medium coverage but you can build it up if you want to. A little goes a long way too so I'd def recommend it if you want to try MAC!xx

Jo said...

Your experience makes me wonder whether these girls actually get trained at all!

The foundation looks fab on you, really natural. Do you use a foundation brush to apply it? xx

Hele said...

I love it, I use shade 020 and it's definitely not that light - i cant believe she tried to pass it off as the lightest! but yes it is an amazing foundation.xx

Carly said...

Im def going to buy this once my Dior Nude has ran out..my skin in getting really oily lately :(

Dior customer service is sh*te at counters!!

Jen said...

@Onyx - Thank for the recommendation, im making a list of thing to try next!! x x

@Jo - Tell me about it!! Yeah i use a foundation brush to apply it, I just have a Body Shop one, nothing too pricey. If it still needs blending in, i'll use my Body Shop minerals brush to buff it in a bit more!! x x

Jen said...

@Hele - I know, I couldn't believe her!! It is such a good foundation though!! x x

@Carly - you should def get this next, you'll love it!! It is even worth putting up with the rubbish service at the counter :-) x x

vay said...
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vay said...

hola,. el 010 es muy amarillo?
cual queda mejor, para piel ultra clara subtono rosa?.
porque en mi rostro los nc15 de mac son muy amarillos. y los w15 son muy rosa oscuro.
como te resulto el 20 de dior?.
no es muy oscuro para tu rostro?. gracias.