Thursday, 9 July 2009

Accessorize Sale!!

I was in work today and a girl came in carrying a bag from Accessorize with the magic word "Sale" wrote across it. The minute I saw it, I was figuring out what the quickest thing that i could eat for lunch was so i could get round there super fast!!

I knew it was a bad idea though as I can never just go in there and come out with one thing.
First thing's I picked up were these bangles and earrings:

I love the set of bangles, nice bright colours for the summer and the other little bracelet, i've had my eye on for a while so, as it was half price, I had to have it.

The rose earrings were a bargain price too and as I already have the same one's but in cream and love them, they were in my hand before I knew it!!
There was literally a rugby scrum around all the jewellery. My local Accessorize is tiny and everyone was fighting to get to the bargains.

As I moved away from the jewellery, I went looking at the bag's. (Dangerous ground for me) :-) Now for my real "bargain of the week".

One of my friend's has this exact same bag and i've always liked it but at £35.00 i've always managed to walk away from it. Last payday, which was only like nine day's ago, I was in Accessorize with this in my hand and something made me put it back. I just kept thinking, i'll come back and get it.
Im sooo glad I didn't get it last week as I found it today at HALF PRICE!! It was the last one that they had too which make's me especially happy!!

Its a gorgeous dark brown and it closes with a big zip instead of just a popper. It's big enough for all my stuff that I carry round everyday with me too. I just love it!!

All you Accessorize lover's out there NEED to get down there fast, there's some amazing find's just waiting to be bought!!

Happy Shopping!! x x


Victoria said...

I was in there today. They had loads of nice stuff in the sale.xx

Hele said...

oh wow!! i walked straight past accessorize today and paid it no attention - if only i'd known they were on sale! sigh. xx

Jen said...

@Victoria - WAY to much stuff!!

Jen said...

@Hele - I think it only started today, my one had neon Sale signs in the window!! Its definately worth a look though, I need to try and stay away!! x x

Jo said...

Oooh I am liking the bracelets! Sadly I am on a budget this month, but living through other bloggers hauls! xx

Lauren said...

I love the little bracelets! Really cute. I love a good sale x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Lol, I got a few bits too! I had to stop myself though and put things back because I just wanted too much. I get paid on 28th...I wonder how long the sale lasts!

Jen said...

I had to put stuff back too, I had way to much stuff!! You know whats really annoying about Accessorize....they dont have baskets!! Its hard to hold everything and look at other stuff!! x x

tina_mbc said...

You went for really pretty items! :)

Wish I could do some sale shopping myself, I spend it all on makeup (predictable I know)! :)))


Shopaholic said...

OH!!! I wanna go to Accessorize, the sale has been mentioned to me several times and now i've seen this... I'm on my way there now!!

Beauty Bible said...

Lol I always think that about the basket!!