Friday, 17 July 2009

Puppy Love

Its raining here in Sunny Scotland and the whole sky is black. So instead of going out, im snuggled up on the sofa with Max. No, he's not my boyfriend, he's my pampered pooch!!

I thought I would introduce him to everyone as he's always by my side when im blogging!!

He's a poodle with a little bit of Sheltie in him. He's only one year old and i've had him just over a year now. I begged and begged my boyfriend to let me get a dog before he finally gave in and let me get Max. I got him as he's wool instead of hair as my mum's allergic to dog hair, so this way she can still come round and visit!! This also has the added bonus of not having dog hair everywhere!!

This was little Maxy when he was just a puppy:

And this is him now:

He's fully grown now, but he's not much bigger than when he was a puppy. This pic was taken of him about 2 week's ago when we went to the coast for the weekend. Here's just a few more pics of him taken that weekend when the sun was still out!!

He was watching my boyfriend with the ball here, while I was trying to get a pic.

He sat still just long enough to get one!!

Resting after running after a tennis ball for about 2 hours!!

Me and Max!!

I had to include this pic as I think he looks just like a little lamb. He's very, very curly as you can see in this pic and everyone always says he looks just like a lamb!!

And finally, here he is looking very guilty as he's just been a bit sneaky and jumped up on the bed. He wasn't there for very long as the boyfriend only has to look at him and he know's he has to get down!!

I'll be back to blogging about all things beauty related asap, just thought his little face would cheer you all up from this miserable weather we're having!!

Hope you all enjoyed meeting Max!!

x x


Janaka said...

He's sooooo cute

Victoria said...

Oh my.... he's adorable!!!!x

hazeleyes said...

I don't particulary like dogs... but he's just soo sweet!! :) xXx

Liparazzi said...

Hey, great to see another Scots lass on here!It looks beautiful where you live...gorgeous view! Come check out my blog and rmbr to say hi :) x

Sarah said...

OMG, adorable - I just want to cuddle him! He is sooooo fluffy!!! Haha, he really does look very guilty in the bed picture.. like he knows he has been caught on film!

The place that you went away to looks gorgeous :)

Perfectly Flawed said...

Oh he is beautiful!! I have two maine coon cats who I adore, going to miss them so much when I'm away. Whats a sheltie though? Not heard of them.Mwahx

Jo said...

What a cutie Max is! xx

Jen said...

@Liparazzi - I wish I lived there!! We were just there for the weekend unfortunately as the view was gorgeous!! I'll be over to check your blog asap!! x x

@Perfectly Flawed - I miss him when I go away too!! A sheltie is a Lassie dog which is where his beige colour comes from!! x x

GoldBeauty88 said...

Max is soadorable! and your so gorgeous :)

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Aww Max is a cutie x

Jen said...

OMG...Max is just adorable!!!! Give him a kiss for me!