Sunday, 12 July 2009

Saturday Shopping....

So I went shopping yesterday with my boyfriend. If you can call it shopping when we only actually went in a couple of shops together. He was new mobile phone shopping so I was more than happy to just wander round the shops!!

My first stop was Zara where I found this really cute, summery dress in the sale. I was only going in for a look as I wasn't really in the mood for hunting through sale stuff, but this was just on an end of a rail and it caught my eye.

Its a kind of floral pattern I think, with a darker under-layer. I thought I could team it with my tan wedges and maybe a little cardigan if this horrible weather continues.
Here's a close up so you can see the pattern a bit better:

As predicted, I couldn't keep myself away from Accessorize and found myself browsing their sale again!! I saw loads of nice things, (I was in a bigger Accessorize than before, so loads more stuff!!) but I was good and restricted myself to just two things.

I had wanted this ring when it was full price, but at the time, was also purchasing loads of things so never bought it.

I thought these earrings were so cute and they were only £2.50!! You can't quite see from the pic but they have the 3 little butterfly's lined up together and kind of create that 3d effect. Also very summery colours to brighten up any outfit!!

I had intended on heading in to Superdrug as well to have a look at the Sleek Safari Palette but by this time, the boyfriend had finished his shopping and was complaining about going home, so will have to wait and have a look next time im in!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!! x x


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ooh I love that ring :) xx

Victoria said...

The dress is really pretty, I love it.

Dree said...

wow you have such good luck with accessorize sale-ing. I rarely get to find two earrings that are the same!

Kittynail said...

Cute earrings!

Catanya said...

WOW! I love that ring!!!