Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My New Love (From River Island)

Im in LOVE with my new bag from River Island!!

Its a gorgeous grey snake skin kind of effect with two short handles and one across the body longer strap. Im not one for little, small handbags as I always carry around far too much stuff to put in them so this is the perfect size for me.

I first saw this bag in the window of my local River Island just before Christmas and I instantly loved it. However after already buying myself far too many Christmas prezzies, I very reluctantly walked away from it. (How strong am I?!)

So when my Brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him to get me this but just my luck, it had sold out everywhere, even online!! My Brother decided to just give me the money for it and told me to buy it myself when it came back in stock.
I'd been looking every week or so or everytime I went past River Island and EVENTUALLY it came back in stock!!

I bought it about a month ago now but still haven't used it as I don't want to ruin it!! Im a nightmare for that, if I get something that I love, I don't want to use it in case it gets ruined but really I should just use it and enjoy it.

I really like the inside lining of the bag too, not very handy when you're trying to find your lippy at the bottom of the bag as everything is kind of camoflaged but thats what make up bags are for, right?!

Although I love make up and all things beauty, my weakness is definately shoes and handbags and I have far too many, I think its time for a clearout!!
I just have to pluck up the courage to part with them!!

Has anyone else treated themselves to a new bag recently?!

x x


Hannah said...

My friend has that bag, ooh I love it! :o)

uhooi said...

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