Monday, 25 April 2011

Mini Bourjois Haul

I have wanted to try a certain shade of the Bourjois Blushes for a while now after seeing it on a few various blogs, so I recently decided to give it a try.
As i went in to Superdrug, they had one of their very dangerous 3 for 2 offer's on so of course, I couldn't come out with just one product.

This is what I came away with: L to R - Bronzing Powder in shade 51, Blush in shade 16 Rose Coup De Foudre and 3D Effect lipgloss in shade 03.

First of all the bronzer. I wasn't sure if I wanted this or not but one of my friends has it and loves it so thought I would give it a try.

I have to say that im not very impressed with this bronzer at all. I love the packaging and think that its quite a cute idea making it look (and apparently smell) like chocolate, but in my brothers word's "When have you ever eaten chocolate that smells like that?!" It kind of smells like chocolate, with perfume thrown in too.

The front of the box says "Bronzing Powder, filled with glints of sunshine" and this is meant to give you "an immediate boost to your complexion".
Im not so sure. It kind of just appears dull on my skin when I use it all over, so I decided to just use it as a contour. However when I did this, it looked really orangey and I just can't get on with it at all.

The Blusher however, I love.

This blusher is lovely. Its a gorgeous peachy/pink shade with just the right amount of shimmer (which is hardly any). I really like these blushers anyway and had wanted to try this one for a while. The colour pay off is really good with this and it stays on for age's before slightly wearing off towards the end of the day.

And finally the lipgloss.

This is probably my favourite product out of the three. I had never tried any of the Bourjois glosses before but was tempted by the 3D Effect that was promised.
The shade I got is 03 and its a lovely kind of pinky/mauve colour, not too light and not too dark. The packaging says "Volume and shine elixir gloss with a balm action moisture for 8hrs".

This is the least sticky gloss that i've ever used. It doesn't feel sticky or gloopy at all and when im wearing this, it actually feels like i've got lip balm on instead of a gloss.
This also stays on surprising well for a lip gloss and when it does eventually wear off, my lips aren't left feeling dry or flakey at all.

I would definately recommend trying this to anyone who hasn't yet and I can't wait to try out more of the different colours!!

Swatches of all three products: L to R - Bronzing Powder, Blusher, Lip gloss.

Has anyone tried any of these products?! What were your thoughts, especially on the bronzer?!

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Carlito86 said...

I love the packaging the bronzer comes in! I've never tried their blushes but have had a couple of lip glosses, love them and the smell *swoon* xx

Jen said...

I love the smell of the glosses too, forgot to mention that hehe x x

Yu said...

I have one of their blushes but the pigmentation is horrible! I dunno if I got a bad one though cuz everyone seems to love them.. I've got one of their older 3D Effet lipglosses, not a fan cuz of all the glitter but yours looks nice - it's not so shimmery! Great haul :)

Jen said...

I had one of their blushers before and I wasn't so keen on that either but this one seems different. The lip gloss looks quite shimmery in the tube but not at all when its on :-)

Abi said...

hey jen. love your blog! am now following =) i know what your brother means haha the bronzer smells nothing like chocolate! xxx

Jen said...

Hi Abi, thank's for following :-) It really doesn't smell like it smeant to does it?!
I'll come check out your blog now x x

sharmila said...

You should have got the shade 52 in the bronzer, it is the best selling shade.