Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ice Cream and Baby Ducklings

Is everyone having a good easter?! I just thought I would share some photo's with you all from yesterday.
The weather was so so hot, it was like being abroad!! Me and the Boyfriend decided to have a walk in the park which turned out to be far to much effort on a hot day but we did see lots of baby ducklings!! They were so cute, there were about 12 of them all following their mum around!!

We got back from the park and decided to just sit in the garden with some ice cream, something you can't normally do in England.

Yummy Haagen-Dazs in Dulce de Leche (Toffee to me and you!!)

This is my boyfriend taking the mickey out of how I usually pose for photo's on my blog, cheeky bugger!!

And finally I thought I would add a pic of my family dog, Molly. It was way too hot for her outside so she lay peeping out of the patio doors all day. She's about 11 years old now even though she sometimes still looks like a puppy and she just couldn't be bothered moving in the heat!!

What have you all been getting up to in the gorgeous weather?! Don't eat too many easter egg's :-)

x x

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♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Great pics, Molly is so, so cute.

Sadie x