Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations Will & Kate!!

If like me, you have spent the last six hours in your pyjamas, eating chocolate and watching The Royal Wedding, then im sure you will have all already seen the pics from the lovely occasion. However if you've been at work, (or living under a rock) I thought i'd share some of my favourite pics.

The Happy Couple

Stunning Picture

Sealed With A Loving Kiss

I thought Kate looked amazing and her hair and make up was gorgeous.

A Royal Wave

I had to include a pic of the other most famous couple at the wedding, Posh and Becks. I thought that they both looked lovely but David slightly stole Posh's thunder for me in his suit, tophat and medal!!

The Newlyweds

A huge Congratulations to William and Kate, they make a lovely couple!!

What did you all think of Kate's dress?! I thought it was gorgeous!!

x x

(Images courtesy of Daily Mail Online)


Becca said...

I absolutely loved Kate's dress and her sister's was beautiful as well and the hair and make up made her look stunning! I thought I wouldn't get as into it as I thought but watched all the coverage and now think I'm in love with Kate... Lovely post xx

Jen said...

@ Becca - I thought her sisters dress was stunning too, she has a lovely figure!!
I didn't think I would get that in to it either but I watched it all too hehe, Kate definately stole the limelight off William didn't she?!
x x

Becca said...

Haha absolutely! I feel all romantic after watching it all. They both have amazing figures and am very jealous of such an amazing day/dress/everything! xx

Jen said...

@ Becca - Yeah I feel all romantic too but very jealous of it all as well!! I think what was so nice was that she looked very natural and elegant instead of fake and covered in slap hehe!!
x x