Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tag - 11 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by the lovely Krystle to do the 11 things that make me happy post, so here they are:

1 - Going to bed in a clean, fresh, bed. There's nothing better than getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets after a long, hard day at work.

2 - New purchases. Anything from make-up to clothes. I love the minute that item is placed into the carrier bag and becomes mine.

3 - My dog, Max. He never fails to make me smile, even on a bad day.

4 - Going back home to see friends and family. As I mentioned before, my Brother is good at impersonations and always cracks me up!!

5 - When my boyfriend does something cute without being prompted or asked.

6 - A good hair day. Need I say more?!

7 - Finding THE perfect pair of Jeans. I find it very, very hard to find a good fitting pair of jeans. Its almost impossible to find the perfect length, waist, style and colour all in one, so when I do, im over the moon!! Im sure most of you will agree?!

8 - Getting to the till with new clothes and when they get scanned, they come in less than the tag says, love it!!

9 - Lying all warm and comfy in bed, under the quilt when its raining outside, knowing that you don't need to go out.

10 - Take That. (Mainly Mark) I love their conerts, I look forward to them for months and months and they always impress me, their music and just them in general!!

11 - PAYDAY!! :-)

I tag: Ella and Nicola

x x


Anonymous said...

wow nice knowing those thing
i have a post also and an entry of
what makes me happy♥

GOd bless you always..

Pinklemonade-xo said...

So the same about the jeans. I have short legs.. long body. Ridiculous :/

Peach Crush said...

1,2,4 and 9 are my fav things too :) love your blog im your new follower can't wait to be followed back by you :)