Saturday, 8 August 2009

Perfect Perfumes

I've been lacking in posts this week as i've had quite a busy/stressful week. First of all my washing machine broke so its been a case of dragging all my laundry round to the boyfriends mums and back again. This has been taking up my evenings, however a new washing machine has been delivered this morning!! :-)
Then my car wouldn't start and had to be in the garage for a week. Although my boyfriends a mechanic, which is very handy, he had to fix it in his own time so I was back to getting the dreaded bus. This has been adding an extra hour on to my morning routine. Let me just say how much I appreciate my little car now!!

So hopefully now, i'll be back to normal!!

I've been wanting a certain new perfume for a while and not been able to get a hold of it anywhere. I've heard lots of good things about Estee lauder's Bronze Goddess but know its a limited edition that only comes out for the summer.

My mum recently managed to purchase the last bottle of it for me from her local Estee Lauder counter. I haven't yet even had a smell of it but think i'll love it as it has a kind of coconut smell which is my fave!! Im seeing my parents next weekend and can't wait to have a spritz!!
So I thought i'd share with you all my perfume collection. Next to make up and clothes, perfume is my weakness and I have far too much to possibly use!!

L to R we have: DKNY Be Delicious, Calvin Klein CK one Summer, Calvin Klein Eternity, Calvin Klein Euphoria and Lacoste Inspiration.

I like both subtle fresh fragrances and quite heavy one's. I first discovered the DKNY one when my friend bought it and I loved it!! Its a definately a fruity fragrance and the smell of apple and white amber leaves you intsantly refreshed.
Ck one Summer is gorgeous. I think this one was first bought out in 2004 and the annoying thing is that they change their summer fragrance and bottle every year. I only bought this last year off eBay after having a spritz of my mums and thats the only place I could buy it. I took this to Menorca with me so it always reminds me of that holiday.

I love how a smell can remind you of a place or a certain memory instantly!!

My other fave from those few is Calvin Klein Euphoria. Slightly more of a heavy scent, I got this in a gift set in the January sales and wore it every day for about a month, love it!!

L to R: Avon Bond Girl 007, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Michael by Michael Kors.

These are all my favourites!! SJP, Lovely is my most reached for everyday and I currently have 3 bottles of this on the go. Its perfect for everyday use.
I wouldn't normally look through the Avon book for a perfume but I got this when it was on special offer and I have to say, I really like it. Its got exotic orchid, orange blossom, cedarwood and cashmere woods and its the perfect cocktail of scents. (Excuse the joke, its my referal to James Bond!!)
My Chanel one is fairly new and was a gift last Christmas. I like to keep it for special occasions which is why its hardly been used!!

I got my Michael Kors one about five years ago now and at the time, I fell in love with it. It is a very strong perfume and now it kind of gives me a headache, my mum hates it!! Its one of those perfumes that when someone walks past you wearing it, you can instantly smell it.

I was only about 18 at the time and my friend at work was wearing it. I had never even heard of Michael Kors at the time and I eventually found it in Sephora. That shows how long ago it was, I don't think we have any Sephora's left in the UK?! Sooo jealous of all you bloggers in America that still have it as I loved that shop!! It was quite pricey but i had to have it!! It was the one that I was using when I first met my boyfriend and will always remind me of then. It was a clear liquid when I got it but has since changed colour, it still smells fine though!!

L to R: Avon Tahitian Holiday, The Body Shop Japenese Cherry Blossom, Agua de Menorca, (from Menorca) Ghost Cherish, Katie Price Besotted, Hugo Boss Pure Purple, The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin and at the front, Britney Spears Curious.

These are all my other random perfumes. Most of these one's were gifts and not many have been used, I really need to start using them!! My boyfriend bought me the Katie Price one and the Hugo Boss one as he told the woman in The Perfume Shop that I liked Michael Kors. I do like them but they are quite heavy, (hence, hardly used) but I suppose he tried his best!! :-)

I used Curious by Britney years ago and I still like it, however I hate the bottle and the spray. I've had 2 bottles of this and each time the sprayer thing has got clogged up and I can't get the perfume out.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?!

I think i've rambled on long enough now, but it would be good to know, what is your favourite perfume?!

x x


Emma said...

I'm addicted to perfume too! I love CK IN2U at the moment. And the Avon U is nice. Think its called U (pink bottle). And my old faves are Davidoff Cool Water and D&G Light Blue

Perfectly Flawed said...

Gosh that is alot!! I have Estee Lauder pleasures, chanel chance, chanel coco madamoiselle and M&S blush. How can you keep them so long, I thought perfumes went off so to speak?


Toothfairynotes said...

Me myself love:
Flower by kenzo
Jasmin Noir by bulgari


Have a great week!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow you are a total perfumeaholic lol. I only have 4 or 5 bottles. I'm with Perfectly Flawed - I thought they went off too?

I have the Curious but I didn't know you could get it in a bottle like that, I have a smaller bottle with just the usual spray bit on top.


Jen said...

@Perfectly Flawed - I've really only had the Michael Kors one for years, the others are only about a year old at the most and they usually last for about 3 years or so!! x x

@Girl With The Golden Touch - i've had a small size in the Curious before with a normal spray but the big bottle always come's with that stupid sprayer thing!! x x

Hugo Boss Perfumes said...

I think Hugo boss perfume is really wonderful due to its fresh as well as sweet smell. I really enjoy it.

Annie said...

I love Agua de Menorca! Can you get it anywhere on the internet?

Jen said...

@ Annie: Im not sure if you can buy it online anywhere, I got it when I was on holiday over there from a little shop x x