Monday, 10 August 2009

Max's Makeover

I've introduced Max to you all previously but for those of you that don't know, he's a poodle crossed with a sheltie, which means he's wool instead of hair and therefore needs regular haircuts!!
Well yesterday was the dreaded day when poor little Max had his haircut so I thought i'd share his new do with you all!!

This was Max yesterday morning:

And this was him yesterday afternoon. He wasn't very happy with being brushed and clipped for about 2 hours!!
I always tell the dog groomer that I DON'T want him clipped like a poodle so she doesn't shave him or put the pom pom on his head. She give's him the bichon cut but I suppose as he is a poodle, thats what he'll always look like!!

He's not amused in this picture!!

His fluff really doesn't take long to grow back so he'll be back to his usual scruffy self in no time. He's a typical boy dog thats always running through mud and looking all shaggy so seeing him like this is very funny!! The boyfriend is refusing to walk him until he looks more "manly"!! :-)

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Victoria said...

AWWWW so cute. My Mum has 2 shelties and I love them! They are so intelligent.

Max is lovely! xxx

krystle said...

thank you 4 my comment you just left me. your dog is soo cute. aww he got the bichon cut! my bichon is going for his tomorrow xxx