Thursday, 20 August 2009

Recent Freebies

Im back in the world of blogging!!

I've been away for 5 days with my family and boyfriend. My mum, dad and brother thought that they'd come up to visit me for a few days so we just went over to the coast again to a little place near St Andrews.

We had a great time but the worst part was.... absolutely NO internet access!!

I managed to survive the 5 day's and prove to my mum that I could actually live without the internet AND my laptop but it was hard. I've got so many blogs to catch up on and right now, my blog is coming before the unpacking!!

This is my little collection of recent freebies!!

The minute I walked through the front door I noticed two little parcels!! And this is what was inside:

My £1 Nails Inc nail polishes!! As most of you probably know, there was an offer in The News Of The World's Fabulous Magazine a few weeks back. My mum let me know about the offer and I sent off for two. I put one in my boyfriends name so that I could get two!! You only had to pay £1 postage for them which was just a great offer.

I haven't tried them yet and i've never tried any by Nails Inc, but it would be good to know if any of you have tried them. I've heard they can be a bit streaky?!

Next was the top 2 eye liner pencils in the pic, which im sure all of you have got, free with In Style magazine. Now although I work at The Body Shop, this was a bargain I couldn't miss as they weren't even out in the shop yet. I got the Shimmering Steel colour as I thought I would wear this the most.
However, when I went back to work today, I was told I could pick one of the new eye pencils and one of the new lipsticks.... for free!!

I chose Glowing Amethyst pencil which is a gorgeous deep purple colour and No 55 Pure Blush lipstick. Below are the swatches for the lipstick and the eyeliner:

The eyepencil is a very, very dark purple that almost looks like a black.

The lipstick is GORGEOUS!! There was that many to choose from and I just picked it as i'd tried them all on and my lips were too sore to try any more. Im glad I did pick this one in the end as its my new favourite and is great for everyday or going out.
The lipsticks are new called Colourglide's and this one is a kind of matte, brightish pink, it feels lovely on the lips and stays on for hours!! They're normally £8 but are on an introductory offer at the mo for £6!!

I recommend that you try these as I really like the way they feel on your lips and they do actually "glide" over your lips too!!

Has anyone tried these lipsticks yet?!

x x


Lisa said...

Welcome back! ;) Glad you had a nice break with your family, you definitely picked the right time to go - the weather's been gorgeous!

Love the two polishes you got, I wasn't so happy with the one I picked :( I went for Hans Road and I'm not keen at all but it was only a quid so no big loss. Wish I'd gone for china town or brook st now though arrgh! That'll teach me to pick something I'm not sure about lol! Like the look of that lippie btw xx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

We got all the lippies @ TBS event on Thursday but I'm yet to try them out, there are about 11 of them and I know some won't suit/ I'm gonna work out what will suit and give rest away in a comp x