Thursday, 13 August 2009

Nail Polish Bargains!!

I was in Boots today on my lunch break, just picking up my shampoo and conditioner and I was already in the queue to pay when I noticed a sale section on the end of an ailse. I was immediately pushing my way back out of the queue to go have a look.
There was the usual stuff, hairsprays with no lids, damaged bottles of stuff and then.... Rimmel Nail Polishes!!
There were only a few left but I grabbed what i could before I even looked at the colours!!

Rimmel Wear Maxx in shade Chocolate Factory and Rimmel 60 Seconds in shade Frisky Clover.

As you can see I got them for 50p each!! What a bargain!!

In the end I got four bottles, two of each of the colours above. (Two for me and two for my mum, who is just as obsessed as me when it comes to nail polishes!!)

I then went to Superdrug (just to see if they had any different offers on than Boots). Right now at Superdrug, everything Rimmel is on 3 for 2!!

L to R: Portobello Pink, Beige Style, Coralicious

As I couldn't see anything else I fancied, I came away with 3 nail polishes!! I've heard great reviews about the two bright colours and I first came across Beige Style on Hele's blog. Its a gorgeous colour and think it will be one of my faves, especially for the autumn!!

While I was there, I spotted Frisky Clover at full price. As I got it for 50p from Boots, I presumed it was being discontinued or something but I think it may just have been a mistake so i recommend that you all get down to your local Boots to have a rumage!!

Happy Shopping!! x x


hazeleyes said...

Great nail polishes. I've wanted beige style ever since i saw it on hele's blog but i've never seen it anywhere :( xXx

krystle said...

i love beige style i were it to work, because were not allowed to wear np its the perfect colour to get away with! oh your boots have good deals mine only has offers on paracetmol haha xxx

Jen said...

@hazeleyes - If your having trouble finding it, I can always pick one up for you and post it to you!! :-) x x

@krystle - my Boots normally only has offers on that kind of rubbish too!! I love the colour already :-) x x

Cat said...

Awesome find - rimmel nail polishes are ace :-)


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Good bargains! I wonder why they were in the sale bit for that much! xx

hazeleyes said...

Thank you for your kind offer! :) I'll have another look around my local drug stores because its been a while since i last checked! If i'm still having trouble i'll let you know!! :)

Thank you!! xXx

Alice said...

I love Boots clearance racks! :)
I always manage to pick something up off them x

krystle said...

hey jen just tagged you in one of my blog posts ♥ xxx

Briony said...

oooh I always miss out on bargains - or maybe my local Boos is just rubbish!!! xx