Sunday, 28 June 2009

Whats in my bag?!

I decided today to clean out my bag as its such a mess and being as I always use a big bag, I always carry around way too much stuff!! So I thought I would take the oppurtunity to do a "Whats in my bag" post.
I always love seeing what other people put in these posts as some people manage to carry hardly anything around with them in tiny little bags and others are more like me and have to carry around loads off stuff, even if you don't use half of it!!

So here's the bag that i've been using for the last couple of week's. I've got sooo many bags (it's a bit of an obsession with me), so im always changing them.
This particular one is from Miss Selfridge and I love it. Its big enough to get all my stuff in and as its real leather, its really, really soft. I love the colour too as it goes with anything and any outfit!!

I decided to just tip everything out on to the floor first and then sort through it all.

So this is what i've got:

My purse (from Accessorize), my diary which goes everywhere with me, hairbrush and my glasses. I normally only have to wear my glasses for driving so I usually keep them in my bag with me.

Some tissues, 4head (I used to not be able to swallow tablets, although I can now, I forgot to get them out of my bag for the pic as they were in the onside zip part), tea tree oil blotting tissues, Impulse spray New York from the city collection, i think this smells exactly like DKNY Be Delicious perfume which i also have, they go well together. A bottle of water and my umbrella.

A mirror, hair bobble and kirby's, chewing gum, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume, (my usual day to day perfume), hand cream, a pen (which I also always have with me in case you bump in to someone famous) :-), my key's and my work key's.

And lastly, my "keep in my bag" make up bag that only holds mainly all my lip products. It was really cheap from Primark, but I love it as although it's small, it holds quite a lot!! I don't top up my make up throughout the day, apart from my lips and maybe my blusher. I can't actually believe that i have this many lip products in here, I definately need to sort through these!!
We have The Body Shop lip & cheek stain, lipgloss, Watermelon lip balm, Coconut lip butter, Body Shop Hemp lip protector, my trusty Carmex, NYC lip slider, Benefit Dandelion blusher (fab by the way!!), Body Shop lipstick as mentioned in my previous post, Rimmel Lipstick in Foxy and finally, Rosy Lips Vaseline.

I think I've got a problem when it comes to buying lip balms, think I need to limit myself to only having maybe 3 or 4 with me at one time!!

So that's what's in my bag!!

Just realised my phone wasn't in there as it was next to me, but thats (obviously) normally in there too!! :-)

x x


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ooh I've just listed that make up bag on eBay brand new! Love your purse! xx

Victoria said...

You carry so many lip balms round! :)

Great post. I like seeing what ppl carry round with them. xx

MissGlamTan said...

Im the same with lip balms lol Ive never got round to doing a 'whats in my bag' post, will do soon though-loved it xx

MissGlamTan said...

Jen!! If you have 4 music theyre running all the TT singles vids from start to finish. I sky plused it baby woop x

Beauty Bible said...

I have that makeup bag, only I used it as a pencil case that term at college! My friends thought it was an amazing idea....
actually the pencil case I have this term is also a makeup case from primark..