Thursday, 18 June 2009

Lastest Goodies and Dior Samples!!

Take That is tomorrow!!
My outfit for the night has changed several times due to hearing from some of you and from seeing the weather forecast. I wanted to wear my latest purchase:

But after hearing from Girl With The Golden Touch about how her friends shoes took days to dry and how her phone broke from being in her pocket as it was so wet, im now thinking of leaving my new shoes at home!!
Still not entirely sure what im wearing yet but will let you all know ASAP!!

Something else to share with everyone, I recently decided after reading several reviews that I wanted to try the Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation. I went in to two different stores to try and get help in finding my shade and was left very disappointed.
The first store informed me that the Dior girl was off sick and that they could only help me if I knew exactly what I wanted.
So the next day after work I went to a different, larger store, only to be told that the Dior girl there had already gone home, even though they were open late and again, there was nobody there that got help find my colour.
As I wanted the foundation for an occasion, I was left very disappointed and so I contacted Dior. They e mailed me back saying they were very sorry and that some samples would be in the post for me. Today they arrived and this is what I got:

I wasn't overly impressed with what I received as I can't use most of them. The moisturiser is for dry skin (I have oily skin), the foundation is way too dark and as for the perfume card sample, I could have picked one of these up from Boots!! I know I prob sound ungrateful, but from hearing and reading some amazing reviews on Dior, I honestly expected more.

What does everyone else think of Dior?

I'll leave you with a pic that got me very excited!! My mum and dad were making the drive from Birmingham to Glasgow this morning as mum's coming to see Take That with me. It was about 7.30am and they were just near Lancaster, when my mum spotted a black truck that said "Stage Truck" across the back of it. She made a joke about it being one of Take That's trucks but said it couldn't be as their trucks are blue. As they overtook the black truck, this is what they saw!!

The trucks were on the way from Cardiff to Glasgow, how exciting?! (My dad was driving VERY fast at this point, just so mum could get a pic). After all that effort, I couldn't not post the pic now could I?!


Holly :) said...

i love those shoes!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Pretty shoes! xx

Carly said...

I love Dior foundation..I think I've found my HG..Dior Skin Nude.

Have you tried out the bronzer yet? I was looking at it the other day and wanted to try it.

Oh the girl at the dor counter told me that theres only 1 shade in the foundation samples 030 as it's the most popular colour. x

Shortiee31 said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! :)

Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets said...

love the shoes, just followed your blog, i'd love it if you can return the gesture, thanks!


Kristin said...

Please follow my fashion blog anyone at all!
Here's the link:
Jen, thanks for reading my blog! please become a follower of it!!