Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Body Butters

So I thought I would share with people, my current collection of Body Butters. Of course they're all from The Body Shop but I seriously need to stop buying them as I get fed up of the same smell all the time and buy another one before i've finished the last tub!!

The Peach butter and the Melon butter are only available at sale time but I don't think they even bring out the Melon one anymore. I've had it in my cupboard for years and its never even been opened!!

My favourite out of all of them is definately the Coconut. I love the smell of Coconut and have tried loads of different brands and different products that claim to smell of Coconut but this one actually does!!
Its a really creamy product and most of you probably already know that the butters give up to 24 hours moisturisation. The only problem that I have with the butters is that a lot of them are for dry skin or very dry skin. My skin is just normal and to be honest I can get away without using any body moisturiser at all!! I know, I know, you should always moisturise and I always do with the skin on my face but the butters can be quite rich on my body.
But as I love the smell of Coconut, I use this one the most.
They have also bought out a limited edition Coconut Shimmer Body Butter for the summer which is fab if you have a tan and has also been added to my collection!!

As you can see I have a full size tub and the mini size tub.
The 200ml tubs are £12.20 and the 50ml tubs are £4.85. I use the big one at home and take the mini one away with me when I go back home. The small one is also good for keeping in your bag for on the go moisture!!
It really does soften and condition the skin and the smell lasts for ages too. It always reminds me of holidays and when im on holiday, I use this as an aftersun as its a lot more moisturising and smells nice too!! (My boyfriend also uses this on holiday but would never admit it)
This particular one contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter but so do a lot of the others and nine times out of ten they will contain at least one of these. The Coconut one is for Normal/Dry skin so is a bit richer than the one's that are for Normal skin.

I've taken a pic of the Coconut one next to the Japanese Cherry Blossom one here so you can see the difference in texture. The Cherry Blossom one is for Normal skin and so is a lot lighter and therefore its not as rich. The Cherry Blossom one was originally bought out as a limited edition, I think last year, maybe even the year before, along with a perfume to match but it was so popular that its still available to buy.
It is a more delicate smell than the usual fruity butters and if you wear it together with the perfume, the smell is lovely!!
Below is a pic of the two different butters on my hand for you to see the difference more clearly. The one on the left is the Coconut and the one on the right is the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

A good tip if anyone likes to use these as an aftersun is to keep them in the fridge. This makes them extra cooling and soothing when you apply them to the skin and is a must if you take them on holiday with you like I do. Just remember to tell people that its not a yoghurt!! (Especially if you live with a guy like me!!)

Hope this has been helpful, which Body Butter is your favourite?!

x x


Onyx said...

I'm not too keen on the overly fruity ones, like the strawberry one, it's a bit overpowering. I did have the mango one which I liked, but when I went to uni my mum "threw it away" (i think she took it!)but I love love the shea butter one, that's my fave. mmmm! I Love the smell of the jasmine body spray aswell, it's gorgeous they should make a body butter of that! xx

Jen said...

@Onyx - Lol at the "throwing away"!! I love the Shea one too, I keep asking them to bring out a perfume to match the smell of it. The jasmine is a nice smell, I agree, its not too heavy!! x x

hazeleyes said...

I agree... i LOVE the coconut one too! I've just finished my tub and can't really afford a new one at the minute :( xXx

Pinklemonade-xo said...

I smelt the cherry blossom on Saturday and loved it. I may ask for it for.... Christmas :(
That makes me sad :(

Victoria said...

Impressive collection!:)

I don't currently have any of the Body Shop body butters but I like the sound of the cherry blossom one.


Ellie said...

Whoah, amazing collection you've got there girl! I love love love the cherry blossom one, I've anmost finished my tub haha :) xx

Anonymous said...

i love the cocomut one, it reminds me of summer <3

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow I can't believe how many you have! I only have a little one that I got free with a mag last month or something, and I want to finish that first before getting my first big one! I want to get the watermelon one I think...I can't actually remember :-? xx