Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day and Take That Pics!!

This is just a kind of one-off, random post to share some photo's with everyone.

I haven't posted for a few days as my parents were up visiting me and i've been at the Take That concert, twice!! Expect lots of photo's in this post!!
Firstly I thought i'd post a photo of my dad as its Fathers Day:

Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I know you read my blog most of the time so now you're on it!!

Now for my pic's from Take That. if you are going to the concert and don't want to see the photo's then just skip the next part!!
It was an AMAZING show and everytime I see the guys, they just get better and better and ALWAYS put on a great show. I saw them two nights. The first night, The Saturdays were supporting them, they were ok, but the second night it was James Morrison and he was fab!!

This was my outfit for the night. I decided to keep it really simple as I couldn't rely on the weather. (In the end it never rained so it was ok). I wore my faithful Topshop jean's with my Ted Baker belt, a simple black vest top and a cardigan which I only wore as I just wanted to carry my waterproof jacket. (Not a stylish look). Im also wearing my Jessica Simpson boots to give me some height!!

This is me and my mum!! (You're on here now too mum). I know, its a cheesy photo but we had to show the tickets!!

The crowd!! I had seated tickets as I can't handle being in big crowds like that. This photo was from the second night where our seats were at the side but the first night were were right in front of the stage!!
Also at the concert last night Peter Kay was there!! The camera's only flashed on him for a second so I never managed to get a photo of him!!

These huge balloons were realeased just as they came on stage!!

Can you tell I like Mark the best?!

It was a fab night out and I think I enjoyed this concert more than all of their others....Im very jealous of all you people still to see them, you're in for an amazing show!!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Great pics! I love The Saturdays! Glad the weather stayed dry for you and you had a good time!

PS - Gary is my fave :) xx

Jen said...

Thank you!! The weather was dry but chilly!! They put on an amazing show.
My mum's fave is Gary too, but im obsessed with little Marky!! :-) x x

hazeleyes said...

Oh wow... I'm soo jealous that you got to see take that! I bet they were absolutely awesome! xXx

Jen said...

@hazeleyes, they were awesome!! It was like seeing an actual show, im totally depressed now its over!! x x

MissGlamTan said...

Cant wait-im going fr with my mum too :) xoxox

Jen said...

@MissGlamTan, im sooo jealous!! I posted that pic of Gary for you....I know you like him. You'll love it, you'll have to take pics too!! x x

Victoria said...

Cool piccies! I'd love to see them live. Someone at work is going soon and I'm so jealous!