Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Counting down....

Nothing really related to beauty today (just fashion).

Its now only 3 days until I go and see Take That!!

Im starting to get excited now. I am a HUGE Take That fan (I know some people think that's sad and that they're rubbish) but I disagree. I've liked them since I was about 9 and just when I was on the verge of becoming obsessed with them.... they split up :-( Imagine my joy when they got back together!! (yay)
I went to see the comeback tour twice, then the 2007 tour and at the end of the week I go again.
I've seen and heard some great reviews from this tour so expect one from me very soon!! Has anyone else been to see them?

My main reason for liking them is this guy:

How gorg is Mark?!

My main worry now is the weather. As its a stadium tour, its outside and im seeing them in Sunny Scotland.
(A little bit of background info about me, im from the West Midlands and my friends and family still live there. I moved up to Glasgow about 4 years ago now to live with my boyfriend. I moved up on a trial basis but have never gone back home. (I still call the West Mids home!!)
I miss everyone back home and everytime me and the boyfriend argue, i threaten to go back home, if only it was that easy!!)

Anyway my main reason for this post.... what to wear?! I need some ideas, I always wear heels so don't really want to wear flats but it could be raining and/or hot and a lot of standing. Im just interested in what everyone else wear's at concerts?


MissGlamTan said...

Im going to see them next week in Manchester-cant wait i always go so if thats sad im sad too :) lol
We actually got offered counciling at school when they split up-my fave is gary tho, even tho hes chubby and a bit like the dad of the lot lol
Im wearing a topshop tunic, blue bootcuts and tan wedges, id take a hiarbobble if it rains and a kagool ;)
Enjoy xx

Jen said...

Lol!! Thanks for your suggestions, think i'll def take both of those things!!
I always see them too, my mum's fave is Gary but i've always loved Mark. When I saw their comeback tour, the bit where they walked through the audience....I touched Mark's hand!! He was so close to me!! (Sounds ridiculous to none TT Fans but im sure you understand!!)
Think i'll be wearing something similar to you, i'll let you know!! :-)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Lucky you. My friend just went for free last week! It rained the entire time - torrential - and she got soaked. Her shoes took days to dry and her phone broke cos it got so wet being in her pocket!! I hope you have a really good time. Post some pictures!

Jen said...

Thank you!! I've just seen the weather forecast and its not good :-( Think im going to have to re think my shoes if theyre going to take days to dry!!
I'll defo take pics, not sure how good they'll be but i'll keep you updated!! x x