Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lack Of Posts Update

Hi Guys!!

I just thought I would update all of you as to why there will be a lack of posts from me (just for four days) :-)
So last night I flew up to Edinburgh to see my Brother and maybe see a bit of the Fringe Festival. Im up for four days altogether however my Brother is working until the weekend so i've been left to entertain myself.

I absolutely hate flying, so even just getting here was an ordeal for me!! Its not the fear of flying but more that I hate feeling claustrophobic and hate flying on my own. It was quite windy in Birmingham for the take off and when I landed in Edinburgh, it was typical scottish weather....raining.
Not just raining, raining that was bouncing off the ground!!

Im a total worrier and worried about everything on the way up and im already stressing about the way home!! The only thing thats good to think about is maybe the Duty Free Make Up counters at the airport!!

So im going to have to go on the hunt for some shops at some point to take my mind of it (Thats my excuse anyway!!)
I'll do the tourist kind of stuff at the weekend with My Brother. I did venture in to Edinburgh City Centre earlier today but it was PACKED full of people and absolutely POURING down, I got soaked.

I used to live in Glasgow so thought I would like Edinburgh but its been quite stressful so far!!

Please excuse how tired I look here, it was taken after a long day and the dreaded flight and it was raining and cold!!

I will hopefully have some photos to share with you all if the rain ever stops.

Does anyone recommend seeing a certain thing or going to a certain place in Edinburgh?! It would be good to know!!

x x

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