Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Babyliss Heated Rollers

I've had these rollers for around 6 months now and apart from having a quick attempt at trying to add volume to my hair when I first got them, they've been sitting under my bed ever since.
If I want curly or waves in my hair then I normally use my GHD's or my waving wand but I thought these might add some much longed for volume to my hair!!

So today I decided to give them a try.

Mine are the Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers which claim to have a fast, high heat for long lasting results.

  • Variable temperature for all hair types
  • Soft touch ceramic rollers for a smooth finish
  • Ionic technology for frizz-free results
What you get:
  • 8 x Large rollers
  • 6 x Medium rollers
  • 6 x Small rollers
  • 10 x Super clips
  • 20 x Metal Pins

The different size rollers
. (I didn't get a pic of the clips, sorry!!)

They are really simple and easy to use (if you're careful not to burn your fingers on the actual middle part of the rollers!!)
There is a red dot on top of one of the rollers and this turns white when they are ready to use. I think mine had been switched on for about 15 mins before they were hot enough, although I did have it on the highest setting as I have quite thick hair.
I found it a bit fiddly at first, trying not to burn my fingers and my ears was a job in itself :-) I used the large rollers on the top of my head and down the middle and then the medium and small rollers for the rest of my hair.

I waited about 40 mins before I took them out as I just did my make up and then had some lunch. My Dad found it hilarious that I looked like this!!

You can take them out after 10 mins if you want a loose curl or leave them in for as long as you like for a more tighter curl look.

I quite liked the finished look. It had gone more curly than I intended but I think this was down to me using the smaller rollers at the bottom of my hair as i'd ran out of the larger ones!!

I think it looks more like a 1960's look and this was confirmed when my Mum said I looked like something out of Heartbeat, remember that old tv programme?!

I applied some hairspray in the hope that it would last the day but im sad to say that most of the curls had dropped by early evening and looked more like loose waves. Maybe next time I should try using some mousse before drying my hair as i've heard that heated rollers are meant to be good at achieving a long lasting curl. Has anyone got any tips for getting the curls to last that I dont know about?! It would be great to hear if you do!!

Have you got these?! Did they work for you?!

x x


Mademoiselle Lala said...

I had similar ones a couple of years ago but after only trying them once I sold them on eBay. Seriously, me hair is so stubborn, it would never work.

Deffo try the mousse - if I want a long lasting curl (doesn't matter if wand or curler) I simply have to apply mousse first. Even the whole can of hairspray won't matter if I don't use mousse first. ;)

You look lovely and totally rock 60s vibe - try this more often! X

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. What I tend to do is put on some curling spray and then let my hair dry naturally with out any heat as this helps keep the curl in longer. Also try spraying hair spray on your hair before you actually put them in. Only a little bit though. I do this quite often as I don't like spraying it onto the actual curlers themselves because it makes them really greasy and sticky!
Hope you have better luck next time!

Glimmer and Glow ♥ said...

I have these too and the curls don't last long for me either, which is a shame! Your hair looks gorgeous though, I really like it! xxx

shanice said...

It looks lovely! I used to lobe heartbeat haha, perfect Sunday night telly!xx

Jen said...

Awww, thanks girlies for all your tips :-)
x x

Georgina said...

Hi Jen! Thank you so much for your comment on my last post - even more so because it meant I stumbled on your gorgeous blog!
I usually use the Boots jumbo tongs which are steal at about £15 and I love them but my hair in my last post was just blowdried then let down after being tied up for a few hours! Hope that helps xxx

Georgina said...

Thank you for your other comment gorgeous!! Do you have twitter?? xx

Belu said...
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xDAISYx24 said...

I'm thinking about getting these and I've read that you can use them on damp hair and that must make the curls stay in longer as the hair drys to the curl x

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get them?