Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Hi Ladies!!

Im back from my four days away in Edinburgh and am ready to get stuck back in to my blogging :-)
I had a really good time visiting my Brother and seeing comedians and all the sightseeing that goes along with The Fringe Festival.
I just thought I would share some photo's of my time away and then normal blogging will resume from today!!

Warning: Picture heavy post :-)

Edinburgh Castle

Me and my Brother Dave

Jenners and a Piper


Me and Dave with the funniest comedian we saw, Bob Slayer

I had to include this last pic, it was a Bridal Shop in a little town in Edinburgh but I thought that the dress that they had in the window was just like Kate Middletons dress and had to take a picture!! (Much to my Brothers embarrassment!!)

I had a good time seeing my Brother but Edinburgh was sooo busy with the festival being on and I did loads and loads of walking so i've come back really tired.

Has anyone else been to Edinburgh before?! Hope you all had a fab weekend!!

x x


Mademoiselle Lala said...

It looks like you had awesome time! Good for you! It's so nice to have a break! :) X


Trudi Gibson said...

I love Edinburgh! If you can, you should check out the Edinburgh Dungeons sometime - hilarious and amazing. x

Jen said...

@ Mademoiselle Lala - It was great thanks :-)

@ Trudi - I've always wanted to go to the dungeons but I ran out of money and time, definately next time!!

x x

Bob slayer said...

Come back to the hive next year...
Or I can come to your home town / house for funnies x
Bob slayer x

Jenny said...

I lived a couple of months in Edinburgh, while my brother was taking his master there!
Amaaazig city!
You're so pretty too :)
Kisses from Greece :)