Sunday, 3 July 2011

My Sigma Brushes Arrived!!

Im so excited to be typing this, as I never thought that I would get one of the gorgeous brush sets from Sigma as they're quite expensive.
However, a few weeks ago, the lovely Amy over at Amy Antoinette held a giveaway to win the Make Me Blush Brush Kit and I won!! I was so happy to win as i've never won a giveaway before so this was my first one I won and it was a big prize!!

Amy had asked her followers to create a look for a Romantic English Country Garden Wedding and she liked my look the best, yay!! (You can see my completed look here).

The kit contains 12 of their essential brushes in a gorgeous coral/pink container that turns in to two brush holders for easy and cute storage. I love the fact that you can put the two together and take your brushes with you if you're travelling too!! These kit's also come in a black, purple and blue colour.

I haven't tried any of the brushes yet as they only arrived yesterday and all i've done so far is look at them hehe!! (Sad I know)
I must say though, they all feel incredibly soft and I love the colour of them too as all my other brushes are boring black.

I also loved the little card that Sigma sent along with the brushes, it was a perfect personal touch.

So cute!!

Again, a massive THANK YOU to Amy and the Sigma Beauty Team for my Brush Kit!! It will be well used and much appreciated!!

Has anyone got this kit, maybe in another colour?!

x x

(Im also thinking of having a blog sale soon as i've got way too much stuff, that I just don't use anymore, so keep a look out for that over the next few days!!)


Adrienne said...

congrats :) x

Get Gawjus! said...

I love sigma brushes too and they look even fab in coral!

LipGlossGossip said...

Congrats! Your going to love them! :)

whitemaskgirl said...

Congratulations. Your look was beautiful, so I think you deserve your prize.

G A B Y said...

Congrats! I also recently won this set and love it (:

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Well done, they look fab x

Gigi said...

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