Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Have you ever tried....

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil?!

This isn't a review on this product (not yet anyway). I've just bought this today and I was wandering if any of my lovely followers have ever tried it before.

Since I haven't had a job for a while now, i've definately put on weight as im just not moving as much as I used to!!
When your unemployed, you have all the time in the world to go to the gym but no money to do it with!! I've got weights, a sit up machine and a skipping rope at home, I just dont have the motivation.
I definately need to do something about this now as i've developed some stretch marks on my thighs which I hate!!

I was browsing the shelves in Superdrug today and noticed the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil and noticed that it states to actually help improve the appearance of stretch marks and not just prevent them like most of the lotions do.
I decided to have a think about buying this as it was priced at £10.20 and like I said before - no job!!

Im glad I did as I found the exact same thing in Asda, reduced to clear at only £4.99.

You can use this oil all over your body, even on your face which is quite good. It contains Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Sesame Oil, Canola Oil, Cetesomate-E and Rosehip Oil.
I used a face oil from The Body Shop before when I had acne and that contained Rosehip Oil and it really worked so im quite excited to try this and I really hope it works!!

This is also good for treating, scars, dry,damaged skin, uneven skin tone and fine lines/wrinkles.

It also claims to be non-greasy and non-staining witth its fast drying formula.

It would be really good to get any feedback at all on this if you have ever used it.

Did it work for you?! Would you recommend it?!

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Melina said...

I never used it but it looks really good :)

Laura said...

I've reviewed this on my blog, and linked to the post in one of my most recent posts xxx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

The Palmers Oil you've bought is AMAZING! I've already finished one bottle and started abother. It smells DIVINE, stays long and makes your skin moisturized and soft. I love putting it in the evening when I go to sleep - it has then whole night to sink in properly.
I am addicted to it!!! X

As for being unemployed and not having money to go to the gym - my advice (coming from a person who has been unemployed for a LONG time) is that make cuts in buying stuff and just buy gym pass. It makes wonders for your confidence, you have some purpose in life and your body will change. I know it's expensive, but really worth it! :) I've lost 9kg since March. :) X

Charlie said...

just a quick thank u! got my lip conditioner! :D its great