Tuesday, 19 July 2011

No Heat Hair

So a couple of weeks ago, my trusty GHD's decided to have a meltdown on me. I've only had them for a year but one day they just started to make a crackling sound and then started to bleep on and off on their own so I decided that I needed to send them back to GHD.
I've been without them for a week now and i've been using my old GHD's which are quite rubbish now and my hair just looks frizzy even when i've used them.

So today I decided that I would be good to my hair and not even bother using them. (I did blow dry my hair so the title of this post isn't entirely true oops).

I decided to just try and style my hair in a kind of messy bun as im not keen on having a pony tail that just makes my hair look limp and heavy.

I really like how it turned out and thought I would share with you all as its a great way to style your hair if your in a rush or don't want to use too much heat on your hair. Its perfect for a lazy day!!
Hopefully my GHD's will be sent back to me soon as I hate not having them!!

What do you think?! Can you manage without heat appliances on your hair?!

x x


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Your hair looks FAB :).

Sadie xx

ohyouprettythings said...

Love your hair like this!! :] Your makeup is also wonderful! :]

Haute_Style said...

Your hair looks great! Hope the GHDs come back soon- it's like losing your best friend!