Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'M BACK!!!!

Hello Lovely Bloggers!!!!

I am finally back in the world of blogging, yay!! I have been keeping up with all of you and my fave blogs, but over the past year and a bit since my last post, there's been a lot of changes in my life.

I had been living in Glasgow with my partner for 6 years but at the start of last year we split up. I had to leave my job and the home I shared with him and move my life back down to Birmingham.

As you can imagine it was VERY stressful and I had SO much stuff I didnt even realise how much stuff I had to sort out so its only now that im kind of back on track!!
I cant wait to get back blogging about my fave products and inform you all about everything i've been up to, hopefully all my lovely followers havent given up on me!!

Hope you are all well and i'll be posting very soon!!


Carlito86 said...

Hey Jen! Only just seen that you have returned to blogging, good to 'see' you again! Looking forward to reading your blog :) xxx

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Hello Jen, only just realised you were back from the comment on my blog (thank you), i thought you had stopped blogging as you hadn't posted in ages so you disappeared from my follow list, boo. Re-following now and off to have a catch up on your posts.

Sadie xx