Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pixie Lott - I Love Her Style!!

I absolutely LOVE Pixie Lott and think that her style is fab!! If I could pick a style, that I thought I could pull off easily, it would definately be her's. I love her make up idea's and always think her eye make up is gorgeous. Her hair also always looks amazing and full of volume.

Her clothes somehow always look good, no matter what she's wearing. I love how one minute she can look elegant and girly, and the next she's in a muddy field in biker boot's!!

On quite a few pics of Pixie, you can see she occasionally suffers from breakouts, which in my opinion makes her seem even more appealing and more like the rest of us normal girlies.

Anyway, I just thought i'd share a few pics with you all, I think she kind of inspires us all just to wear what we think looks good and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!!

All pics from Google Images

What does everyone else think of Pixie, like her or loathe her?!

x x

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californiadreamin said...

Love her and her style is amazing!