Thursday, 24 March 2011

I Miss My Job

I know this might sound a little crazy to some people, but its true. Basically for those of you that don't know, I had been living in Glasgow with my (now ex) boyfriend. While I was living there I got myself a job at The Body Shop and it was my dream job!! I took it at the time as I was fed up of looking for a job and they needed staff straight away.
I started as a 20 hour girl, then moved up to 30 hours and eventually Key Holder for the store. I loved everything about the job which i think was helped a lot by the people I worked with, but mainly the products!!!!
Most of my wages went straight back in to the till when I got paid as there were always new products coming out to try and limited edition make up always grabbed my attention.

Me looking just a bit too happy at work.

After i had worked there for 5 years, they opened up a big new Body Shop just 10 minutes away from our little shop which meant bad news for us :-(
They eventually decided to close our store and made us redundant. Although I was gutted, I was in the middle of splitting up with my (now ex) boyfriend and really it had come at the perfect time as I didn't have to resign and got some money to keep me going for a while.
Im back home with my parents in the West Midlands now and have been for just over a year. I did get another job in an Opticians but I hated it and in comparison to The Body Shop, where I could do make-overs all day and I actually had a passion about the products I was selling, i found glasses a bit boring hehe.
So now im back to square 1 and job hunting. Don't you just love it?! (NOT!!)

On another note, I thought I would also introduce my new Boyfriend to all of you, as when im not blogging or job hunting (ha), im normally with him.

This was us at New Year looking slightly tipsy!!

We're getting on really well together but it has taken a bit of getting used to being with someone else and getting used to all their little habits as im sure most of you know.
I hope i've filled you all in on why i've been missing from the blogging world for a little while but I should be back in the full swing of things as of now!! :-)

Is anyone else doing the dreaded job hunt at the mo?! Hope you are all well

x x

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krystle said...

:( i hate job hunting too good luck wit hte search glad your back xx