Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shopping Trip

So I got the train in to Birmingham yesterday and went to the bullring. As im from Birmingham, i've always found it amusing when people have their photo taken by the bull.
I really didn't want to do the typical tourist photo in front of it but this time, my mum made me!!

I think the only reason I managed to get a photo alone by it was it was peeing down!! I ran straight from the doors of Zara, stood there and back again in record speed!! My poor Uggs were getting wet!!

I got my brother to take this pic of me outside Selfridges. Its not a very good pic but the only one where that pole isn't growing out of my head!!

I wanted to take loads of pics of inside Selfridges to show everyone, especially the make up counters (heaven) but unfortunately its not allowed.

The only thing I was allowed to take was this bull made entirely from SWEETS!! Its HUGE as you can see from the escalators behind. It was on the ground floor and its surrounded by a giant pick and mix selection, which was mobbed!! There was a sign next to it saying that you could buy the bull for....wait for it.... £20,000!!

After seriously contemplating if I should buy one or two of the bulls, (ha), we came away with these yummy cakes. It took ages to decide which to get but I eventually picked the vanilla cupcake. (The profiteroles mound was for my dad and the slice was my mums, not all for me!!)

So after a long day of shopping (in the rain), I came home to this. My cake and a cappucino. Bliss!!

Im off for another day of shopping and visiting friends now so i'll update you all with what I bought in my next post.

x x


hannahbabeyxo said...

Tha bull is huge!! Im glad your having a good time!!


Jo said...

Oooo... I have to go there and get my picture taken by the bull! The bull is my symbol as Im a Taurus haha.


Rhianne said...

Looks like you are having a great time - I love the Selfridges in Birmingham! I can't wait to go back there again.

sweetcheeks1910 said...

Aww i want that sweet bull haha i hmm where do send my cheque lol

audrey said...

i love capuccino! this one look so delicious^^

essjayarr said...

Given you a blog award :)

Sj xx

Iva said...

OMG!! that BULL is GIGANTIC! looks like you had an amazing time! I think I need a cupcake STAT ;)

Anonymous said...

Late comer to your blog. Enjoying it very much. I hope your totally awesome Uggs didn't get too wet. Mine did once and I had to bring them to special cleaning shop! I hope the rain didn't ruin your Uggs like they almost did mine.


Erin said...

Ha ha - I love your picture with the bull! I'm about to graduate from uni in Birmingham and love the Bull RIng - gonna miss it so much when I leave next week :-(

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted in awhile. My latest Uggs adventure was during Christmas week vacation here in US where I bought Uggs boots that tie. The only thing, they are the typical tan ones, is that they perpetually untie. I tuck my sweatpants or leggings in them and then tie, even tough it looks oh so bulky, a quadruple or even 5 knots bow. They take awhile to untie. At New Year's Eve celebrations, I had to run down road and even those knots untied. So, now, I don't recommended buying Uggs boots that tie. I had to tie all slip knots quickly last night about a dozen teensy weensy ones in each. Hope you post again soon. Regards, Amanda