Friday, 16 October 2009

Back to Brum

Im back home in Birmingham for a week!! I had to use up some holiday from work so I finally decided to come back home to see friends and family. The Boyfriend bought me down but has gone back home as he doesn't want to spend all week shopping and gossiping!!

My family live about 8 miles out of Birmingham but I can't wait to go shopping at The Bull Ring!!

The Bull Ring opened up just before I moved up to Glasgow and I miss it so much!! You get all your high street shops plus the high end ones too and I could just spend hours there. (Hence the reason The Boyfriend didn't want to stay the whole time).

This is where im heading asap:

Too much make up to even know where to start!! :-)

I'll hopefully have some pics of my week to update soon. Once i've caught up with everyone, i'll be taking my camera out and about with me to keep you all updated. I'll be spending my weekend shopping and avoiding all the clubs that my Brothers trying to drag me too. According to him, you can't come to Birmingham and not go to Gatecrasher, ha!!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!

x x


Tanya.Lou said...

I live near Birmingham too, I love the Bullring, I can literally spend hours there.
Hope you have a good week :) x

hannahbabeyxo said...

Have a good time babe! I sent your thankyou card today! So youl get it when your back! xoxoxo