Friday, 2 October 2009

A Good Day At Work

As most of you know, I work at The Body Shop. From time to time, the manager sets incentives with various different prizes.

The prizes for the September incentive were all of the products from the new Love Etc range. We had to print off any sales that we had throughout September that were over thirty pounds and tally them down. At the end of the month, the tallys were divided by the amount of sales we had had and the person with the most, was the winner.

And that person was ME!!

I was so pleased as I haven't won an incentive in ages and I was going to buy the perfume just the other day and now I don't have to!!

On to something else that made my day go quicker. I was telling my manager how much I love these Thorntons chocolate lollies:

They come out for Halloween and last year, I think me and my Boyfriend kept our local Thorntons in business the amount we eat!! (We're just big kids!!)

I was telling my manager that she should try them and that I had to plan my route for my lunch break so that I didn't keep walking past them. So what does she come back off her break with.... 2 lollies!! Im now addicted again and think i'll definately be going back in at some point over the weekend!!

So all in all its been a very good day at work!!

Has anyone else tried these yet?!

x x


Victoria said...

Mmm. Those lollies look great! I might have to stop at Thorntons next time I'm passing :)

Jen said...

@Victoria - You definately should, they're amazing!! Just the right combination of white and milk choc x x

Angela said...

and that chocolate looks yummy

Nicola said...

I love those chocolate lollies mmmm really want one now! Well done on getting your goodies! xx

Lisa said...

Yay well done on winning the incentive! I have 3 samples of the perfume in my bedside cabinet and get a yummy whiff every time I open the drawer so will definitely be buying a bottle. I wouldn't normally go to TBS for a perfume but Love Etc is lovely. My Mum got a nice one a few weeks back too, White Musk Iris I think it's called - the one in the purple bottle?

Love Thorntons choccie, those lollies look YUM :P

Jen said...

@Lisa - Yeah White Musk Midnight Iris is a limited edition thats just out for winter but I think its a lot nicer than the normal White Musk, its not as heavy!! x x

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Yay, well done on winning the incentive, i'm going to check the Love perfume out. Haven't tried those lollies as yet, will get one or two tomorrow i think ;) x

tina_mbc said...

Congrats on winning the incentive!!!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aww well done hon! I want one of those lollies now :) xx