Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Patrick Swayze

Im so sad to be typing this but I woke up to GMTV with the sad news that Patrick Swayze has died after losing his battle with Cancer. :-(

My absolute favourite film is Dirty Dancing. I've made my boyfriend watch it over and over again and i've lost count how many times i've watched it!! I loved Ghost too, that film made me laugh and cry loads!! So just thought i'd post some of my fave pics for all of you who loved his films too!!

(All pics from Google images)

He'll be sadly missed, RIP Patrick Swayze!!


Emma said...

I can't stop crying. He was a legend. I only made a post about him a few weeks ago : (

hazeleyes said...

I am soo sad about this aswell. My all time favourite film is dirty dancing also... definatly going to watch it tonight in remeberance of him. :( xXx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Really sad :( xx

Peonies and water lilies said...

So sad :( RIP Patrick swayze